Zenna Pool Camp where “super hot” for camping at Long Hai Province_Vietnam


Zenna Pool Camp is known as a brand new location “beautiful” near Vung Tau beach for young people rush photo shoot & check-in at this super hot sea camp.
On a nice weekend having a chance to experience, visit and camp at Zenna Pool Camp, I have personal opinions at the place where many articles have posted about Zenna will be extremely hot in the future.

Center view in Zenna

1 / Location:

I agree Zenna is really a nice camping place and it is quite new for young people because Zenna is very near Saigon only takes about 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours to arrive. Secondly, Zenna is close to the sea and the sea is quite clean and unpolluted by rubbish. Like Vung Tau, which is quite crowded with tourists nowadays, there is no good space and choice for everyone.

2 / About material facilities and space:

From my perspective, Zenna is quite large and has a unique design idea, but the idea has not been cared, maintained, preserved and developed in the way that you think of when you arrive. With a pretty eye-catching and engaging angle under the actual eye prism, I saw the items and the exhibits were degraded over the years as well as the canteen or coffee area, swimming pool and bathroom. Also not new and clean.

And I also fully understand and sympathize with Zenna this is partly because when camping here I have encountered many groups as well as some families with a lack of awareness of protected environment has lost nature or space of Zenna as if somebody when they finish drinking beer and they bee in the common area even though the WC is only a few meters away or the group of young people.

Tent view in Zenna

3 / About service:

This is a minus point for Zenna because the service here is too much inadequacy both in controlling entrance tickets for guidance and reception. For example, when a visitor enters a gate, no employee is present at the parking lot, motorbike or to pay for the fare, and when there is no indication of where the campsite is located. The drum and the area is camping. Even though I used to call them and know that if I go there for a day, there will be no book or reservation policy because this is a public beach so there is room for you to just sit back and relax. If there is a little bit of management, it will be better and the camp will be more comfortable.

And I do not know if it’s due to rarely staff or management issues but this is one of the most inevitable when doing customer service and maintenance.

Canteen in Zenna

4 / About price:

Regarding the aspects such as services, facilities … mentioned above, the price here is quite reasonable with the price of USD 2,5 / person and the surcharge if bring in food from outside is USD 1,5/ person. .

A total of USD 4 per person
Cost for you if you want to explore Zenna.
a/ Fare: USD 4 / ticket
b/ Pool: USD 2 / ticket
c/ Sea food & barbecue: range USD 10 / person (group travel)

Note: If you want to eat seafood, close to Zenna Long Hai market you can buy seafood to grill (remember to bring oven and gas stove).

Hope Zenna Pool Camp is growing and in the future will have more breakthrough ideas in parallel with the preservation of the area is clean, beautiful!


    • I am also surprised at that price! really impressive with price but beach view not beautiful as Nha Trang or others beaches. It’s fine to enjoy there for weekend.

  1. Have done some sleeping in the tent years ago by a river. I do not think I can do this now. But the idea of fresh sea food and barbecue is inviting enough. Going by the prices, it seems to be very cheap.

  2. Hey there, I’m not a big camping fan… I just go camping while I’m on a few days trekking tour… but this looks so cool, that I might change my mind after all. πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like fun, my kids love to camp – me not so much anymore LOL But this place looks great and the price is definitely right!


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