The ancient city Malacca

Malaysia – a modern and civilized country, is a mix of indigenous culture with Chinese and Indian cultures. There have been many articles mentioned to the civilization of this nation through major cities like Kuala Lumpur or Penang … However, today I will take you to the place that the crossroads between classic and modern. It’s Malacca – an ancient town, peace in southern Malaysia, about 150km from Kuala Lumpur.

And this article I didn’t mention things like “how to get to Malacca?” Or “Information of guesthouses, cheap hotel” … You can find them through information on the internet. Here, I just tell you how to feel and experience unforgettable of the culture and cuisine of this place when I first arrived Malacca.

After visiting around the capital KUL finished, we’d catch a bus from KUL go to Malacca.And I went to Malacca at 8pm. Our group stay overnight in “Casablanca guesthouse” to prepare for the next journey (this is a homstay with cheap price).

I just only have 2 days for excursions and explore this place “Malacca”. Luckily we’d came across an indigenous people, she ‘s very nice and friendly, and she volunteered to be a tour guide for us, so I save a lot of time but also to explore many things as the cuisine, best sightseeing in Malacca.

Things to see

To start the day full of energy, she guide our group to eat specialties Chicken Rice Ball at “the Chung Wah” famous restaurant. In front of restaurant was a long line of people queuing. This restaurant is very popular so long as you wait at least about 15 minutes.
We went in groups 4 people, 4 chicken rice plates (3-4 chicken balls/ plate) look very nice and tasty. And it’s specially in this restaurant that after you eat a chicken rice dish, if you want to call more that have to lined out for order again. Initially, I was so surprised why shop “refused” to serve customers, but actually because of a large queue guests waiting outside. So that’s the rule of the restaurant and make everyone fair when come here.

After the morning quite satisfied, we have continued to stroll and buy gifts on the path of peace in “Jonker Walk – the heart of Malacca” with ancient architecture houses, shops, cafes and restaurants looked quite as “Hoi An Ancient Town” in Vietnam. We’ve passed “Masjid Kampung Kling” (one of the oldest mosques in Malay) and visit a temple, I do not remember exactly what the name. We lit some incense, pray and leave quickly pallet.

Located near Jonker Walk, “the Dutch Square” outstanding presence with dark red color. Here with tricycle Trishaw the colorful flowers, if you want to visit Malacca on the local car, you have to give one small amounts range RM 20 for 45 minutes.
“Famosa fortress” and “the hill Portuga”l include St Paul. Fortress is the Portuguese built and destroyed by the British in the 19th century . Step up to the hill ST Paul, I can imagine and feature the most characteristic heritage of the ancient city when has an expansive view across below.

Malacca is ancient city famous not only of diverse cultures, combining Western and Chinese, Indian. It also is known as the “Venice of Asia” with tranquil waterways, peaceful space. Walking along the of the Malacca River, to view these small houses either side, looked very gentle man, friendly. This place is an ideal place for those who want to find a quiet moment in life. Also on this street is the Maritime Museum (Maritime Museum), I’m not sure that you can permit to go in because time does not allow? But just watch the ships are big, bulky, and there is a quaint little outside, it just makes me feel nostalgic and enjoyable.

After the whole day visiting the cultural scene here. Temporarily closes his full day experience in Malacca.



  1. *adds Malacca to ‘Must Visit’ list* I’m planning on visiting Malaysia in the spring but hadn’t heard of this place before. It looks lovely and I’m definitely going to try and visit!

    • Hi Sarah, Thanks for reading this post. Actually I’m lucky when I met a Malaysian girl who ‘s tour guide us to go around Malacca & try traditional foods and visit strange places 🙂 Hope you have a great trip to Malaysia! 😍😍


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