Traveling to Bac Lieu, Vietnam – Dream land of love


In the city guides of his youth, at the Bac Lieu think choice is not your priority. Bac Lieu and designated as lands somewhere forgotten and this land becomes wild but discovered a hidden beauty that can not express in front views, and people there.

And the journey to discover strange land of his group we mere 2 days 2 nights (at 6th and Sunday afternoon departure back to Ho Chi Minh City). Yet it contains within itself the indescribable emotions and special culinary diversity here that his stomach can not contain all the food here my friends!

Bac Lieu wind power and Temple

Trip to Bac Lieu schedule as :


– Ho Chi Minh City – Bac Lieu: The car goes down you catch the bus Lieu Tuan Hung (Contact: TP. HCM: (08) Lieu: (0781), reach approximately 130,000 VND fares /pm). Also you can refer to a number of vehicles as Phuong Trang, Mai Linh, Kim Yen, Hoang Xuan.
– To move in the city of Bac Lieu you can contact the hotel to rent a motorbike (contact Anh Phuong (0781): 3828494 or senior Scooter contact telephone number: 0949 069 333, 0982 99. 0981) or Mai Linh taxi, motorcycle taxi. But I still suggest that motorcyclists will be happy and free to explore the many times where offline.

Hotels in Bac Lieu

– During this trip we’d been at home people should be the cost of housing and shelter is not worth much so this section you can consult some hotels or motels in Bac Lieu (Dat Ngoc Hotel, Hotels Hai Ho …) with prices ranging from 180,000 VND -300 000, depending on the financial condition and your needs.

Places to visit Bac Lieu

Along with 3 motorbikes across roads found some cool places for you to refer such as:

Ngoc Lien and Cao Van theatre

1 / Bac Lieu Wind Power: the foreign party scene looked like then, just outside the sea windmill to power transceiver. Before walkways wind outside coffee shop “windmill wind” to the rest you stop drinking and note that to be able to go out there to photograph the applicants and will lead you out of this place because present with the guard to prevent the wind you stand too close to danger.

2 / Xiem Can Temple: If you want to know and admire the unique architecture of the Khmer people, do not miss to visit this temple home. The temple is very close to the wind power is about 10-15 minutes away to where the road is very easy to find.

3 / Ngoc Lien temple: this is where they are also quite interesting because you see behind the monastery are a series of small wooden houses look very classic and rustic, with the dress lotus with fish kick up feeling very peaceful.

Hung Vuong Square and Bac Lieu Prince house

4 / Bac Lieu Square: Hung Vuong Plaza near City Walk like its Saigon. However, here squares bigger, wider with unique architecture with pliers to loud guitars in the middle square with flowers shimmering orchestra, splendid surrounding offline.

5 / Cao Van Lau Theatre: Next to the theater square is shaped conical hats are eye-catching and attractive even at first sight. Both his crowd booed for saying god Bac Lieu city that my country, how great is beautiful.

6 / The Prince of Bac Lieu House: Actually, people know Bac Lieu due to the death of this area ne.Dung is about luxurious life of Dasher you see now if the gold holding of silver amount Dasher that spend their lives by spending a few that are my friends.

7 / Nha Mat resort: where is the seafood trade market with the lively atmosphere of the common dining area close to the sea embankment – a place close to tourist sites for you there are also beautifully shot images offline .

Where to eat & drink?

Food in Bac Lieu

Bac Lieu with numerous diverse dishes that you can not eat out in 2 days if you allow your stomach. Food here is cheap, delicious both quantity and quality.

1 / Spicy beef noodle soup: This dish is extremely delicious, charming and attractive with fragrant spicy beef broth and hot. Currently in the city, I know restaurant in Ky Hoa 11, District 5 are selling this dish.

2 / Noodles stewed duck : to mention that I was craving it tears to pieces, duck here is not bad, but very soft and very fragrant broth and bold taste. Do not miss it this dish.

3 / Banh Xeo: here Banh Xeo to but not bored with eating pancakes in other regions offline. This dish is served with salad and sweet and sour chili sauce dots.

4 / Seafood fresh and not too expensive especially food prices leave little meal always tired. Crab, shark, shrimp.

5 / Ice: Hi hi, have to say is do not eat in this city a long time, the Bac Lieu find antiques like this, the whole crowd eating ice bu the car like never ever eat there .

Also dishes like Bun Nuoc Leo, Xa Pau, Bon Bon.

I hope this article helps you get the information for upcoming trips via your in Bac Lieu, as well as promoting tourism potential is there a good way.



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