Travel to Mekong Delta with catching fish and fruit garden attraction tourists


Go to Mekong Delta, besides visiting the green gardens and experience the water, visitors also participate in exciting activities. In particular, catching fishes are a favorite activity of many tourists.

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Con Phung, Ben Tre

Phung is also known for other names such as Tan Vinh or Coconut Island. This is one of the four foundations of the four famous Long – Lan – Quy – Phung spirituality of the West and also the most attractive destination.

Before 1930, Phung was only about 28 hectares, but thanks to sedimentation, the area of alcohol has increased to 50 hectares. Situated on an islet between the My Tho River, Tan Thach Commune, Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province, Phung is famous for its green fruit orchards. The life of Phung people is very simple and is still associated with traditional crafts such as making coconut candy, making handicrafts from coconut …

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Visiting Phung, besides experiencing interesting fishing ditches, visitors can admire the relics of the Coconut by Nguyen Thanh Nam founded in the 1960s. Famed and attracted crowded. Most of them are the Hoa Binh tower where he teaches Dharma and propagation of religion, the temple of Nam Quoc Buddhist temple, the gate of Tam Quan …

In addition, visitors also do not forget to visit the factory of coconut candy, rice paper and enjoy the typical dishes of Ben Tre garden.

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The fruit garden in An Binh Island.

Not only owns large fruit garden, An Binh is also a place associated with the traditional culture of Vinh Long. This is the place where many ancient houses and traditional villages are located.

Before experiencing the game of catching fishes in the west, visitors can visit the ancient house Cai Cuong – a unique architectural works combining European and Asian styles on the banks of the Cai Muoi canal Binh Hoa Phuoc; Hai Hoang ancient house with typical French architecture; Phuoc Dinh yellow apricot village; Ornamental garden of Mr. Sau Sau; In addition, the island has many temples, houses, shrines built around the XIX-XX century.

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Con Lan, Tien Giang

Con Lan or Thoi Son islet is a great suggestion for those who do not know how to catch fish. Located in the four-legged group of My Tho City, Lan wine with Phung alcohol matches each other so long in the court, a terribly impressive.

One of the 4 islands, Con Lan has the largest area of about 1,200ha. Located on the My Tho River – a tributary of the Tien River, Con Lan is a deep impression in the heart of tourists due to the mild and rustic nature of the gardens, the orchards and many interesting activities. In addition, Con Lan is also known as the honey from the great flowers.
In addition, you can participate in unique games such as ostrich riding, crocodile fishing, water skiing.

Travel to Can Tho, you visit Ninh Kieu Park, boat trip sightseeing Cai Rang floating market – shopping on the river, boat is full of cultural activities characteristic of the South. It will be a shortcoming if you come to Can Tho without visiting the My Khanh tourist site with over 20 kinds of fruits and many rare animals. Come here, you can breathe the fresh air, walk in the cool shade garden or enjoy the sound of the amateurs, fishing ditches … The ecological tour to explore Can Tho left in the heart. Visitors of the impression of the traditional cultural and historical relics such as Binh Thuy ancient house, many traditional villages and unique activities of three ethnic groups Vietnam – Hoa – Khmer.

Leaving the land of ancient West, began a trip to the town of Ha Tien (Kien Giang) is located on the romantic Mekong River, bordered by Cambodia, where the convergence of scenic wildlife full of cultural imprint, polite. The town is not far from the sea Mui Nai – one of 10 beautiful scenes of Ha Tien. From here, you can direct your eyes to Phu Quoc Island, Hai Tau Island and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Thach Van village is a mountain not more than 100 meters above sea level exudes a strange shape and Phu Tu is still one of the tourist attractions of Kien Giang.

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An Giang

The land of enchanting paintings fascinated people by the beautiful natural scenery, legendary stories associated with the historical relics, traditional cultural festivals bearing bold South as the temple Ba Chua Xu, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Tay An pagoda, Chau Phu pagoda, Hang pagoda … To Chau Doc, you also immerse yourself in the natural scenery of the country lyrical country. It attracts millions of pilgrims every year.

With the suggestions above, expect that visitors will know to participate in catching fish game and wishing you and your family a journey is fun and exciting!



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