Short but Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guide for your Next Trip


We all travel but we all not care about travel insurance, according to ABTA stats one out of five travelers set off insurance, that means very few people care about it. Make sure you are not one who is not considering the insurance plans for your traveling. Here’s short but useful guide to help you choosing the best travel insurance plan for you.


Your travel policy must include:

• Cover as more as countries of the world
• They also offer coverage of your electronic equipment like laptop, smartphone, camera and tablets
• They cover sudden illnesses or injuries
• They must have 24/7 services
• Provide insurance for loss or damage of your valuables like bags, jewelry and cameras
• Insurance must covers any kind of cancellations like flights, hotel or transportation books in any sudden case
• Cover any emergency, which help you to bring home as early as possible
• Must have personal accident coverage
• Provide you financial protection in case of bankruptcy when you stuck in other country

Types of Travel Insurance

These are the basic types of travel insurance you can choose from:
• Single or short trip type covers cover 90 days or less
• Multi or long trip type covers about 1 year
• Expatriate type covers people living overseas
• Foreign national covers non-U.S. citizens
Now you must know in which type you exist and choose the most appropriate travel insurance for your next trip and it doesn’t matter how much days you are going to spend for your trip.

Are you planning an annual or single trip?

The insurance policy will be depends on the annual or single trip holidays. First you need to know which trip you are planning then choose the most appropriate plan for your traveling trip. However, there are some policies available that covers only 45 days or some covers only 21 days so you can choose the best one as per your requirements.

Make sure your destination is covered

When choosing a travel insurance plan you must know the company is covering the country where you are going. There are many local insurance companies are offering heavy premiums even at low insurance fee but covers less cities or countries of the world. So, you must confirm the insurance company you are going must contains the country you are going to visit.

Read before you ride and make your safe travel

Among all tips this is one of the most important tip about you have to be careful. Read all of the insurance company’s terms and conditions before you sign the agreement. Some insurance companies don’t accept claim of different injuries like skiing or horse-riding and ask extra charges for such claims. So, it would be great if you will go through the whole document carefully before you sign the agreement.

The Bottom Line:

Before you purchase the insurance for your next trip take some time to do a little research read online reviews of insurance company and ask from people who have been used their services ever. So, you will have better before you take the final decision.


  1. I always travel with the built in insurance that comes with my credit card. I have only had to claim twice (for a stolen watch in Greece and list prescription glasses in Thailand) but it’s good to good to have peace of mind.

    • Totally agreed with you! Because my friend had a accident when traveling to Thailand. He fall on sand when driving motorbike. That’s why we should buy insurance to make your trip safe.

  2. Before you purchase travel insurance, see what you’re already covered for. Many credit cards will include travel insurance, from trip cancellation to rental car insurance to medical insurance. In Canada, most supplemental insurance plans will cover trips for certain countries for up to 2 weeks at a time. Many homeowners insurance policies will cover theft or damage to your items, even if you’re traveling. Reading the fine print (or calling up your insurance broker) isn’t the most fun, but it’s a lot nicer knowing what’s covered.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. Actually in my country, credit cards not include travel insurance. We have to buy travel insurance for traveling inside and out side of country when travel. It’s great to know information in Canada, most supplemental insurance plans will cover trips. Once again thanks so much.

  3. Great tips! I also make sure that if I am doing any extreme sports, these are covered, too. They must read their policy and request to add this if necessary. High risk/hazardous sports are not included in most! 😉

    • Yes! some of dangerous travel for discovery strange places that make us consider to choose travel insurance for suitable for each trips. Thanks for reading my post! 🙂

    • Yes. there have many kinds of travel insurances. That’s why we need to choose them suitable for our trip. Thanks for comment my post!

  4. I’ll be honest, I’m not big on travel insurance, particularly since I mainly do short trips. This post has convinced me to revisit my approach though. Thanks for the insight!!!

    • AW! That’s true. Before I didn’t intend to purchase insurance for my trip. But my friend had an accident when we traveling to Koh Phanga, we waste more money for clinic. and that’s why travel insurance’s really important to us. Thanks for your feedback!

  5. Great tips and very informative. I’m guilty of not having a travel insurance myself – perhaps because back when I was working FT, I was covered. It is very important, I know, so I guess I’ll look for something that fits next.

    • Yes,I agreed with you. Need to face some challenges and risky.And for safety trips, I don’t buy any insurances but some trip to dangerous places that I have to concern and buy it make a trip comfortable. Thanks for your concern this!


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