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Iran is a country located in West Asia and is home to “one thousand and one nights,” an important milestone on the legendary Silk Road that connects Asia with Europe, possesses priceless heritage. archaeological treasures and architecture are all great … But discover Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan – the cities bearing the monument, you will feel the uniqueness of the antique. mixed young, modern.
It was once a hotspot but do not worry, Iran is now different and our most detailed Iranian travel experience here will help you get the best trip to Iran

Iran sightseeing

Things you want to travel Iran right now:

The appropriate time to travel to Iran

The climate in Iran is very different, the warm spring, the summer is very hot, the autumn is cool but it is wet and the winter is extremely cold. The best for you to explore Iran is from March to June and from late September to early November. This time the weather is nice, not cold, warm and especially on the new year. If you want to learn about the Iranian Ramadan, come here around August. This is the month of Muslim diet in Iran and you will probably have interesting experiences in Iran.

The information needs to attention

Simple visa application procedure: There are 2 ways you can apply for an Iranian visa, you can apply for a visa at the Embassy of Iran in Vietnam before leaving. In addition, Iran is applying visa on arrival policy for international tourists, including Vietnamese citizens when traveling by air. You will receive a 15-day visa for travel on arrival from Imam Khomeini Airport or Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, Mashhad Airport, Shiraz, Tabriz or Airport in Isfahan. You will need to have a 6-month original passport with a copy, a 4×6 photo, a hotel reservation, a sightseeing schedule and a 40 euros visa fee, depending on the airport.

Cheap transportation
As one of the world’s leading oil reserves, the cost of transportation in Iran is relatively cheap. To move from one city to another, taking a high quality bus is a bad choice. Guests can also use the taxi if the route does not have other means of transportation. Taxi negotiate directly with the driver, at a cost of only one third compare to others.

shopping in Iran

The place of shopping heaven
In Tehran and other cities there are large markets, with many local items being sold extensively. Here you can buy precious items such as precious stones, pearls, gold, watches of all kinds to aromatherapy, food, fabrics, clothing, shoes, especially Persian carpets and other handmade bronze artifacts.

If you are shopping for travel, then Iran is a paradise for you to choose. Visiting Iran you can spend all day shopping in Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad or Shiraz.

Vacation, hotel, resort to rest in Iran
In Iran there is a large CARAVANSERAI hotel system (the old hotel on the Silk Road that former traders built to make holiday homes, now has been renovated more spacious) and a series of motels , budget hotels so you do not have to worry about sleeping in this Middle Eastern country.

However, in the tourist season, the number of guests from Europe will soar so you should book through the online booking site or through the tour operator to enjoy incentives as well as security.

Vacation hotel resort

Places to visit when traveling to Iran
Iran is a country surrounded by mountains and deserts, but the beautiful architecture and natural scenery as well as the friendly hospitality of the people here is the magnet attracts tourists of the land this country.

Vank cathedral: The most beautiful and famous cathedral in Iran. With dome architecture and Iranian-style interiors will make you think that you are in heaven.

Meidan Emam Square: A place to mark the cultural imprint, the history of the Achaemenid dynasty.

Milad Tower: The tallest tower in the world with a mix of restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, etc. From the highest floor of the tower you can collect all of Iran into the eye.

Tehran Museum: One of the most beautiful museum in the world. Here we specialize in displaying large, rare and precious gemstones, precious stones and gold ornaments, rare metals …

Eram Garden Garden: And it is not good if you overlook Eram Garden garden when traveling to Iran. This is an ideal destination for those who love nature and have not had the opportunity to explore the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Because garden garden Eram Garden is as beautiful and attractive as hanging gardens Babylon.

Imam Cathedral: A unique honeycomb dome and interior of Islamic Islamic style.

People of Iran

If you love time travel, you should visit ancient stone windmills in Iran, or the mysterious glacier or lake Urmia are in danger of disappearing, palaces, the Persian village or the magnificent bridges …


Hopefully with full travel experience Iran will help you have a pleasant and rewarding experience.


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