China is the East Asia Gateway with the title of world’s largest country by population. The country is giving the world gunpowder and noodles. If you are one of those people who are making their visit to china for the very first time this article is going to be interesting for you.

People usually limit their visit to the larger cities but her you will know some other must visit places of china about you might don’t hear about. If you only know English you might have to suffer with some tiny issues but I am sure visiting these places definitely a make your trip to china a remarkable tour.

Top places to visit in China
Top places to visit in China

Great Wall of China

When it comes to visit China there’s only one name that hit our mind ‘The Great Wall of China’. This is a combination of small walls that created the world’s largest wall that got the label of wonder of worlds. This is one of the most favorite tourist attractions having the history of 2000 year. Do have courage to walk through to the whole wall of china? If yes, be ready to cross approx. 8,800 km. This wall is the longest structure made by humans. However, don’t worry to climb on this wall it is easy.

Forbidden City

This is another famous and oldest traditional place of China. The Forbidden City is located in Beijing in the capital of China. This is one of the most visited places in China. Here you will about 1000 interior buildings so you must have to spend your whole day to visit this place in depth. The city let you experience two different experiences during day time and at night when the crowd will be cleared out.

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

It located in Yunnan Province created by the people Hani. This area has a history of 1,200 years. Chinese tourists coming here can see terraced fields falling under the mountain slopes Ailao Mountains.

Temple of Heaven

During the Imperial times this place was not open for commoners, for now you can enjoy this great Chines place by spending a day there. Early morning is perfect time to visit this place that brings a great experience to watch local people when they do exercise. Here a large number of youngsters can be seen being practice karate and punches and learning the ancient material art including sword fighting.

Potala Place

Potala Place is the best place in china to see Tibetan architecture. Dali Lamas’ former home is another famous tourist attraction. This place has different stories of two major places and has lots of other thing to experience real Chines tradition. You have to book your arrival before go to Potala Place as they accept a limited number of people to visit in a day so booking in advance is an easy solution to avoid waiting.

More Interesting Places to Visit in China

• Must enjoy a slide down to the Great Wall of China, when you will climb to the wall you might be tired and you can get down through the slid
• If you love fishing Xiapu Mudflat, at the southeast China side is a must visit place
• Visit Kaiping to see over 1,800 fortress towers that were built in early 20th century
• Go Hongcun and visit a 900-year-old village to see some great things from the past

Traditional foods in China
Traditional foods in China

Most Traditional foods you should try:

Chinese foods is very rich and diverse cuisine, is also known for sweet and sour meat, fried noodles, dumplings, wontons stuffed pasta, effervescent puller, puller thou …

Kung Pao Chicken is special food in Sichuan, they are made from chicken cooked with peppers, peanuts should be spicy. Today, in addition to chicken people still used with pork, beef or seafood, but still Kung Pao Chicken is the most popular.

Sichuan tofu is a popular dish made from beans with minced pork with young and spices, with characteristic spicy flavor and served with hot rice.

Wonton has a long history in China is made from meat, seafood and vegetables, then steamed minced major recall or fry.

Peking Duck is a typical dish of Chinese cuisine, Beijing roast duck is famous for thin skin, crispy and served with pancakes, sauce. If that ever to Beijing roast duck is enjoying think your trip is not complete.

And China have a another best places you should try to visit,  click here for more information –> Phoenix Ancient Town, Zhangjiajie


    • Actually there are other wonderful places in China that we can visit but I think firstly these are some great places to me.Hope you have a great trip here next year! Thanks for your comment!


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