Top 6 caves visitors can explore in Quang Binh Vietnam


Quang Binh land rich in tourism potential, which is known as “the kingdom of the cave” with more than 300 large and small caves may be mentioned: Hang Son Doong, Hang En, Thien Duong, Phong Nha , Tien Son, Suoi Nuoc Mooc, Zipline CHay River – Hang Toi Moreover, there are pristine beaches to incredible: Nhat Le beach, Da Nhay Beach, Vung Chua – Dao Yen. And most importantly Quang Binh also spiritual attractions: Tomb of General Vo Nguyen Giap, Hang Tam Co Relics, the oldest temple Hoang Phuc with more than 700 years old. Quang Phu sandhill seaside stretches Nhat Le beach.

Tu Lan- En Cave


Quang Binh tourism is also affected by harsh weather. Assigned into 2 seasons quite clear. Rainy and hot. So if you go to Quang Binh on March to May 9. That’s when the weather is stable most suitable for sightseeing here. And from September By March next year, Quang Binh welcomed the huge rain storm so inconvenient.

Quang Binh is the heart of Middle in Vietnam, is also quite convenient for transportation. Quang Binh can come by Road, Rail, Airplane and Boat.

Visiting what, where tourism in Quang Binh?

According to the travel experience of my Quang Binh will have the following tours for your reference: Heaven – Dao Nest – Vung Chua in one day for $50/ person. Hang Eight She – Heaven – Suoi Nuoc Mooc – Nhat Le Beach for 2 days 1 night for $40 / person. Phong Nha Cave – Hang Up – Chay River for a day for $ $60 / person. And special tours I have ever Phong Nha – Heaven – night squid fishing at sea Nhat Le, of course I remember Quang Binh travel experience and will definitely participate again if the opportunity 2nd to.
You do not like to take the tour, set its planned tour. Join Phong Nha, Son Doong cave discovery, a mud bath in the dark cave Thuy Tien and swimming in the lake swing zipline adventure games …

Also you can refer to the 4 big caves here:

Dark cave-Son Doong

1/ Thien Duong Cave

It’s called “the palace in the ground,” Thien Duong cave is one of the wonders of the magnificent and magical world latest. Dynamic nestled deep Natural Heritage World National Park Phong Nha-Ke Bang, terrain catto ancient, dating formed today about 350 to 400 million years.

Thien Duong cave is located at Km 16 West Road branch from the edge of Quezon close 4km of Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, the center of Dong Hoi city about 70km to the northwest. Phong Nha Cave 25km long way, a very convenient way.

2/ Phong Nha Cave

Properties Ke Bang limestone area, Son Trach commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh, Dong Hoi City and 50km to the northwest, the Phong Nha is considered “Thien Nam Dia Nhat Dong” of Vietnam, are covered transport by tropical forests.

From Son River, you will go over 30 minutes to get to Phong Nha Cave. With a length of 7.729m, 83m deep, 50m high.

3/ Dark Cave

People used Dark Cave as bomb shelters to avoid. In 1992, the Association of cave explorers Royal surveyed, mapped and measured the evening Hang horizontal length 5.558m, depth of 80m, 50m high.

Dark Cave has a strange beauty above all. But say is hang evening, but are not dark at all. Light from the outside ingenious cave wool on, throwing up a little cliffs constant waves of the sun, reflections of shimmering water. All the paintings of the most wonderful natural landscape aesthetics.

4/ Son Doong Cave

Located in the remote mountains of central Vietnam, for millions of years, the Son Doong cave, the largest natural cave in the world, after being discovered in 2009, has stimulated the curiosity of tourists around over the world to explore and enjoy. Son Doong estimated length of 5 km, 200 m high and 150 m wide.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, it can accommodate both a large block in Manhattan, in the heart of the equivalent American skyscraper 40 floors high. Inside the cave is a separate biological world, where light passes through the “filter” from the mouth of sinkholes above the clouds and accumulation near the cave ceiling create high humidity. The Son Doong stalagmites in the high rise to nearly 80 meters. The lime stone sized baseballs scattered throughout the cave floor. Spectacular scenery is located deep underground suggesting the world is still very much beautiful scenery to explore human.

Tu Lan- En Cave

5/ En Cave

Visit the National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park this season, you will not be overwhelmed with the beauty from the grandeur of Hang En, was named the 3rd largest cave in the world. It is remarkable, discover Hang En takes only two days and one night, very suitable for enthusiasts explore but do not have much time.

Hang En has a total length of 1.645m across the mountains and brought forth a dynamic 3-door, located in the southeast and northwest of the flow stream Rao Thuong. Hang En National Geographic Magazine (USA) rated as one of the spectacular caves in the world. A special feature is the Hang En ecosystem and separate climate, the primeval forest and a beautiful river will give visitors a unique experience.

6/ Tu Lan Cave

Tu Lan cave system located in the village of Tan Hoa, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh. Phong Nha way about 70km to the northwest, including 8 cave, discovered in 2009, continued in 2012 discovered four valleys. Cave system with the system since the main cave – cave and cave since women are living, Song cave, Uoi Cave , Chuot Cave, Hung Ton Cave, Kim Cave ,Ken Cave and To Mo Cave.

Tu Lan cave system remains intact pristine, hidden secrets of nature’s majestic limestone mountains, underground rivers and waterfalls endless. To be able to admire what the hands of mother earth molded so, you’ll have to tape rugged mountains, beyond the rugged forest, walking between the vast valleys, slippery mud wading, swimming the rivers and water cold below 20 degrees C. with subtle beauty of stalactites and stalagmites, the mysterious underground rivers plus the wild character of the mountains will make you never forget once you come here.

Hopefully all the experience about the places in Quang Binh Tourism just shared above. Will somewhat help you trip Tourism in Quang Binh as desired. Wish you have fun trip, safe.

And this part to be continued about the foods in Quang Binh that you should not miss in Part II –> Food Experience when you visit Quang Binh, Vietnam



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