Top 11 things you should avoid doing on the first day in Lunar New Year.


Something you need to avoid from the old days until today to make these distinctions for the Lunar New Year. However, superstitious practices, concepts are not scientific and should be eliminated.

Things to avoid:

1/ Do not sweep the house on the first day

Before Tet the families always prepare everything as clean house, tidy up on New Year’s . The first day, the families are not swept homes by sweeping will be lost the fortune out of the door.

2/ Not dressed Black and White

On New Year’s day, Black and White symbolizes mourning on New Year should avoid dressing more often black or white. Tet, people often wear colorful clothes, fresh to look forward to a new year lucky, happy.

3/ No loan or borrow

You should avoid lending, borrowing, debt collection or pay loan. Because with the concept, if the borrower is in need all year deprivation will also lend the money distributed, are not as fortunate, thriving.

4/ No garbage at the first day

This custom comes from the story of the Chinese people. The story is that there was a god Mercury merchant was awarded a concubine named Nhu Nguyet. Since when has this home maids, he suddenly became rich. At one year, the first day of the New Year right, Nhu Nguyet mistake, the boss being beaten, taunted her badly so she’s unhappy, turned into a garbage dump. The Merchant does not know, carrying garbage emptied. From there, he returned to the impoverished. So follow the concept if the garbage at the first day is also out of the family fortune.

5/ Not give the fire for someone

Fire symbolizes red color, so good luck in the Year, everyone is taboo to give others.

6/ No argument, discord

In the New Year, people often try to keep peace, not argue, grumpy despite how uncomfortable. Adults avoid yelled, crying children not to keep peace between one year always happy, at peace.

7/ Do not open the cabinet

Whether it’s what kind of cabinet, including wardrobe, nor should open on 1st day of the Year, because this will cause loss of fortune and luck throughout the year. So, you know the old clothes ready to wear, hanging out before midnight.

8/ Do not tap on the shoulder, the shoulder slung others

This intimate act if you make in the New Year’s Day, it is likely to cause discomfort, even negative reactions. Many people believe that when someone else tapped, put the shoulder during Tet, they will be unlucky, met a sad story about love, family and happiness.

9/ Do not give gifts

7 should not be absolute gift and donations in the new year, clocks, cutlery, squid, coffee, pepper, or cat … is the absolute gift should not be awarded in the New Year.

10/ No break everything on New Year day

“To break”, “tanks” are words that make up the division, torn off, there may be things in the house or even the relationships in the family and society. Therefore, older people often recommend descendants of these days is not broken dishes, cups.

11/ Abstain from sitting or standing in front of the house

If standing or sitting in front of the door in the new year not only ungainly but also actions are considered prejudicial to the family vitality. Good airflow of the new year in the driveway will be blocked, dissipative from them, and the family did not get lucky, successful, happy.


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