Thai Nguyen Province – Unforgetable place that you should visit


Thai Nguyen is mountainous and midland provinces, located in northeastern Vietnam and adjacent to the capital Hanoi, the central provinces of Thai Nguyen city. The topography here mainly hilly and dense river systems, facilitate development of green trees, especially the vast tea plantation Tan Cuong .

Thai Nguyen is a province adjacent to Hanoi, the province has plenty of well-known tourist destination. Here’s share ravel experience will give you things to consider when traveling here.

When should go to Thai Nguyen?

Best time to Thai Nguyen, it is around March to October. At this time you will be watching the hills of green tea in the sunshine yellow and can relax, cool off in the waterfalls, streams and Nui Coc Lake tourism area without fear of the cold of winter.


Scooters: If you want to go Thai Nguyen, motorcycles are vehicles that you choose. The more active you if motorcyclists to Thai Nguyen because along the way there are many beautiful places that you can stop the sightseeing or the shortcut to get to the resort in Thai Nguyen, only new motorcycles may go.

Car rental: Rental cars are the second choice for you to go sightseeing to discover Thai Nguyen. Car rental, you will reach the places you want but you have to walk quite a distance to get to a fun and experiential tourism Thai Nguyen savings, you should not choose the car rental because of its price quite expensive.

Bus Travel : It is a means to Thai Nguyen at the right price, but in return you will not be able to take initiative on new stations and entertainment spots have no car parking facilities should be quite inconvenient. You’ll have to catch the bus to add to the tourist attraction or ride a taxi, the taxi to go out if guests select vehicles. You can start the car to Thai Nguyen from Hanoi at the My Dinh bus station, Luong Yen, Giap Bat for between USD 5-10 customized vehicle quality. Other provinces want to Thai Nguyen, the bus station you get off at the heart of their home.

Tourist attractions, famous amusement in Thai Nguyen

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology-Nui Coc

Nui Coc Lake tourism area

In Nui Coc Lake, visitors will be told about the love story, romance three pines are a pretty sad ending that nobody heard are also a constant emotional. In addition to exploring the myths, the visitors will have fun in the outdoor bath, boating lake, country music, visit ti dynamic sound, the Golden Temple … Nui Coc Lake Falls is scenic and beautiful resort . Currently, motels and terminal system has been planned bath and built relatively good, serve tourists visiting the rest, entertainment.

Tan Cuong tea hills

Coming here, you will be breathing in the fragrance of tea plantation balmy and sightseeing, taking pictures inside the Aaron Green Tea line stretching along the hillside. The most appropriate time for you to visit a tea plantation Thai Nguyen is when the sun had risen because this time the sun shines on forests make colors tea tea leaves so much nicer there.

Vai Mieu lake-Tan Cuong Hill

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Here has collected nearly 4000 documents, artifacts, films valuable characteristic cultures of the peoples living on the territory of Vietnam. Collection of agricultural tools, hunting, gathering, craft, the costume colorful splendor with unique decorations of all nationalities. You can learn about the customs and traditions of each ethnic group in here before have the opportunity to experience real journey of discovery in Thai Nguyen.

Hang temple

Hang Pagoda Thai Nguyen Kim Son Pagoda word name, a voice is the sacred place of Buddhism, Buddhist centers in the province and with charming painted marine landscapes, spiritual destination tourism value of Thai Nguyen. It has been ranked landscapes national level in 1999. From 19 to 21 lunar month every year, people in the area and tourists cross the pilgrimage to slave tingle Hang Pagoda, demand for financial fortune for peace

Vai Mieu Lake

The bottom of Tam Dao mountain range, with 39.4 hectares of water surface area of Ky Phu commune, Dai Tu district. Blue lakes, there are many beautiful islands, unspoiled natural landscapes, majestic, not far from the ruins polite Mount Van national level – should pool Shoulder Mount Vo Mieu has many advantages to develop tourism.

Above is the shared experience of its Thai Nguyen tourism, hoping to help you choose the migration schedule and have a nice trip.

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