Pet care_Common diseases for small dogs that you have to know


Small dogs like Chihuahua, Japanese dog … are susceptible to some diseases, so if you do not know how to properly care for their dogs, their health is very affective.
Those who love animals, pets certainly want to feed the dogs in house. Just like all pets, dogs are also susceptible to many diseases, especially small dogs such as Chihuahua, Japanese dogs or Pekingese dogs. So how to know dogs are infected and how to care for common diseases for small dogs? Please refer to the information in this article for more experiences:

Nutrition for dogs

Heart problems
Cardiovascular disease is a common health problem faced by small dogs. Because the circulation of blood and cardiovascular systems must be fast-moving, you need to pay particular attention to the diet and nutrition of the dog. Dogs should not eat greasy foods to reduce blood cholesterol levels, which may help keep the heart healthy. In addition, every day you also need to exercise dogs with you to improve health.

Many small dogs such as rattles, chihuahua … or suffer from bone diseases, joints. Therefore, you should pay attention to calcium supplementation in the dog diet, limiting foods that contain fatty acids can cause osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and fracture if you exercise fast. In addition, you should give your dog regular walks and exercise.

Dogs are prone to obesity
Small size is quite lazy movement so you need to pay attention to diet and nutrition because dogs are also more susceptible to obesity. You should limit foods high in fat, do not overeat them. If prolonged obesity is very harmful to their health.

Oral diseases
Unlike big dogs, little dogs often have teeth that are not really strong. Therefore, you need to take care more carefully, do not let the dog chew the bones, teeth can be broken and also very vulnerable to bones.

Dogs susceptible to respiratory diseases
The cold tolerance of puppies is generally poor, so they are prone to respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis, cough crusting, etc. If puppies are fast-moving, wheezing It is necessary to clean the nose often, the eyes for the dog clean.

Oral diseases dog

So you should be responsible for caring and nurturing them:


Make sure you have provided them with a balanced and nutritious diet. You should use low calorie foods. If you feed them too much chocolate, raisins, butter … can cause digestive disorders and make them fat. This can affect their digestive system

Cut the dog’s nail and clean its ears
Cutting the nail for a dog is very difficult. You just need to cut off a piece of white that does not cut too deep into your feet as it may cause them to bleed. At the same time, keep your ears clean by using a moist cloth to wipe ear

Give your dog the right vaccination
This is one of the most important ways to keep your dog healthy. You have to make sure that it gets its first vaccine at the right time. Next vaccinations should be monitored regularly as directed by your veterinarian.

Care for their hair
Let your dog love you always clean care for their hair regularly. You can brush your hair at least 2-3 times a day to remove unwanted hairs. You groom them regularly to improve circulation and help their bristles shine brighter.



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