Italy an Interesting Place to Visit – Explore your Historical Knowledge


If you love to travel you must have listed one country ‘Italy’ in your travel list. Italy is the most favorite place to visit and you will want to miss your Italy tour after knowing about the under shared places.


Take a night ride on the Vaporetto in Venice

This place let you experience a romantic environment, for greater experience you must visit this place during night where you will see the moonlit. Venice is tremendously compact place, here you have to walk faster and enjoy the town or you can take a waterbus to visit the town.


The Last Supper in Milan

Usually tourists skip Milan during their visit to Italy but this place is perfect to visit to see Leonardo’s masterpiece of “The Last Supper.”

Tip to visit Milan: Should book your ticket in advance for this great 15 minutes ride that saves your time and be secure to see Leonardo’s Masterpiece.

Uffizi Gallery in Florence

This is the prominent art museum in Italy situated adjacent in central Florence, region of Tuscany. You must list Uffizi Gallery in Florence during your visit to Italy. Here you will see the amazing crew of Italian Renaissance art. This art is kept in these gorgeous buildings.


Vatican Museums

It will be another great experience to walk through this great museum of Italy. You can do a walk in this museum alone but it would be great if you have a guide with you who will guide you about the hardcore art and the history of different things. Your visit to St Peter’s Basilica must be with a guide that helps you to learn more about Italian history.

Other Famous Places of Italy to Visit

• Lago di Como is another must visit place in Italy this is the most beautiful lakes in the region
• Ski the Dolomites is one of the popular mountain range in Italian Alps. You must see the delightful ski village of Cortina d’Ampezzo.
• Travel north side of Italy including Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel and view Giotta frescoes.
• Don an intricate mask for Carnevale di Venizia, a yearly anniversary which receipts place beforehand Lent. The festival usually happens in February or March.
• Don’t forget to take photos at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is one of the most visited place of Italy
• At Florence’s Uffizi Gallery you can enjoy the great artwork collection to find Botticelli’s masterwork
• Check out the likeness of St. Mark’s Basilica after its namesake four-sided is underwater, which transpires honestly often in Venice.
• This place helps you to get back to the remarkable history of Italy and help you to know ancient Greek ruins of the Theater of Taormina and Temple of Concord
• When you visit to Rome don’t forget to visit Marvel at the enormous Colosseum
• Stare up at Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel maximum. Though it’s officially in Vatican City, any journey to Rome wouldn’t be wide-ranging without watching this valued art
• Travel the unenlightened city of San Gimignano, a enclosed city inside Siena

Besides, you should take note some highlights below:


Weather: You should travel to Italy in the spring season or fall season. By this time a very cool climate, pleasant and there are many festivals. And especially not to travel in the summer because summer is very hot that make people here also have to go another the ocean places with cooler climates. As not to go Italy in the winter because the weather is very cold, heavy snow and thick will make your travel plans failed.

Foods: In Italy, we can not forget pasta and pizza, the coffee, wine, gelato, Risotto rice, pasta Lasagna, cheese, sausage, pastries… as well as the dishes you should enjoy when traveling in Italy.

Transportations: In Italy, there are a lot of transportation for your choice: Airline, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, bus, train….. Among these transportations, the public transport buses and trains is the top choices of tourists. Because of cheap, convenience and quality.

Hopefully, with the experiences and guided travelling of Rome above can give you the information useful and necessary for the trip to Rome enjoyable and perfectly.


  1. I have sent so many people to Italy working as a travel advisor but still couldn’t make it for my self. It’s really a worth visiting country in terms of history and culture. Gonna make it soon.

  2. I love Italy so much! You’ve covered so many of the places a person has to visit when they’re in the country. We’re going in December, and although the weather will be colder than the fall or spring I’m still really excited for the adventure. I feel like going in the off seasons allows you to get a better glimpse of real life!

  3. For me, Italy is more than interesting, it’s everything! I’ve been to Venice, Florence & Rome but I’m dying to visit Milan for the fashion, architecture, the gothic cathedral & of course to see the Last Supper. Do you know if there’s an entrance fee? I imagine it’s a very popular site, do you need to book tickets in advance?

  4. The last super in Milan would be on my list if I ever go to Italy, I can remember this picture being on my grandparents wall, my mothers wall and many more, It’s so Iconic and for years copies have been on so many walls around the world. I didn’t realize the original was in Milan and would be worth seeing. I also wouldn’t mind taking in the sites by water boat!


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