An Interesting part time job that you should do when traveling in strange places


When you traveling in long time, you really need money to cover your holiday. That’s why some interesting part time job that you should miss when traveling as “Leather handmade”.

Classification of the quality of the leather according to the cut surface

How to classify the quality of the layers of leather?

In order to classify the quality of the cow’s skins according to the cross-section, I would like to provide some additional information in the sketched image of cowhide, applying this international standard notes to the customer. Recognizing the quality of the product, as well as the selection of men’s quality belts.

belt leather

With cowhide, the leather is divided into distinct layers, the higher the layers, the higher the quality and vice versa. Skin layers – The higher the skin, the smoother, tighter, and stronger the fiber structure.

Full Grain

It is the top layer of cowhide and stays in its original state without going through the surface treatment (sanding, polishing on face, etc.). This is the best quality leather. Clean new surface, no scar on the surface. Full Grain Skin keeps intact skin particles, the top epidermis of the skin so natural and durable.

Corrected Grain

It is the first layer of the cow’s skin but the surface is processed (rubbing, grinding to remove the imperfections of the skin, such as healing scars, abrasions, etc.) before coating a surface that is shaped like particles. natural stone.

This is the type of skin that is commonly used in premium products. It is durable, color and perfect. Because it is a grade 1 skin, when using the skin still creates a layer of Patina (natural color) to create class and luxury leather products.

Real leather

Top Grain

Top Grain Leather is a second class of quality leather after Full Grain, created when the top layer of cow leather is removed from the top so it is durable. The Top Grain surface is teaspooned back and forth for a smooth finish, a surface coating and a grain of skin, texture … as intended by the manufacturer.

Manufacturers usually create a very smooth, smooth and smooth surface that feels as soft as Full Grain leather when exposed. Due to its surface finish, Top Grain leather is more resistant to dirt, as long as the surface coating remains intact.

This is also a good quality leather and is used very commonly in fashion and household products.

Genuine Leather / suede

The third layer of skin is the lowest quality skin of all genuine leather products. Genuine Leather – Layer 3 loses the entire toughest layer of leather so manufacturers often use glue and surfactants to make it look more like Full Grain. Genuine leather when not using the surface layer is called suede.


Saffiano leather

Saffiano leather is made from the highest quality calfskin and “Saffiano” means the skin surface treatment method using a veil pattern embossed on a wax layer on the surface of the calf skin. Da Saffiano was first made at one of the most famous tanneries in Italy and is a stepping stone as well as Prada’s patent. Saffiano not only creates aesthetic effect with delicate lines on the surface but also forms a protective layer with the following features: waterproof, scratch resistant, water resistant and easy to clean and maintain. See more articles below to understand more about this important male accessory!

Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather is the skin that uses dust and skin of genuine leather mixed with glue, pressed together and covered with a layer of polymer (usually quite thick) to create the same surface as the upper skin types. The use of rolled leather reduces waste in the use of leather, good impact on the environment. However, this type of skin is unstable, difficult to create luxury leather.

Bonded Leather is not classified as genuine leather, however, since its composition still consists of genuine leather, so if you use fire to try to burn it, the leather still produces a characteristic scent.

leather wallet

Artificial Leather

Artificial leather is artificial leather that can be dyed in many colors. It has high durability and is processed against color blur. Artificial leather created to imitate looks like any real leather according to the manufacturer’s wishes. Many manufacturers consider Artificial leather superior to genuine leather because of its variety in appearance and usability.

Faux leather

Faux leather is a fake leather, also known as Simili. Faux leather is often used to refer to 100% nonfiber leather

Therefore, the classification of the cow’s leather grade should determine the quality of the leather product (leather case or high end men’s belt). This is one of the most important accessories to contribute to the elegance, luxury for certain “men” there. You should see the following article to understand more than this important male accessories offline!


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