Instructions collar bleaching, yellowed armpits extremely fast and efficient


The yellow stain on the neck, armpits sweating, because deodorant is always an unavoidable problem, especially with the light-colored shirt. Some people even very dark stains, hard, unpleasant odor and dirty laundry nostalgic. By using the following method for collar bleaching, you will not need to worry about these issues anymore:

The yellow stain on the neck
1/ Toothpaste: For a little cream stains, cleaning brush to rub on it several times prior to washing, stubborn stains will slowly disappear.
2/ Baking soda: For 4 teaspoon baking soda mixed with water into a viscous mixture, rub right up front and back armpit sweat shirt and stained. To reach 1-2 hours to fade and stain washed.
3/ Vinegar: Soak clothes in hot water solution of vinegar, add milk or air to remove odor smell on clothes, cow’s milk or rub directly onto armpits to dry before washing. If stain too stubborn, be manufactured bleach stains by mixing half a cup of baking soda with one teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. After pickled, you squeeze excess water and apply this mixture on the fabric. How to bleach stains on clothes by yellow underarm guarantees will result in all the clean white.
4/ Antibiotics: Crushing 2-3 antibiotics members (depending on the width of the stain), mixed with half a cup of warm water. Drug effects will appear after about two or three hours of soaking. After soaking, wash your memory as usual, to avoid the odor on clothing antibiotics also offline.


* Notes on handling yellow stains on the armpits shirt:

Whether you use any method handle stains, they should note the following
* The yellow stain remover on clothes after washing by underarm
Besides cleaning recipes so that all stains on clothes by underarm, you can also refer to the “post-production” to ensure optimal efficiency:

The strong light exposure: The sun also contributes largely yellowing discoloration on the shirt.
After drying, you can sprinkle onto two beverages chrome armpit stains clothes and ironing clothes earlier. Doing so will help several times tiny pollen grains stick to the armpits are white, the color will also help reduce and prevent yellowing effect.
The temperature when handling stains with a solution: Every fabrics are specified separately for laundry temperatures. In the event of a stain on the armpits, you have to scrub, soak and another with normal cleaning, washing and soaking temperature is also a factor you need to consider. With conventional fabrics, we should use warm water when washing. Increasing temperatures will help the elements of a more flexible washing powder, good for attracting dirt stains off the armpits. But when washing the clothes of silk or wool material, one should use cold water washing to avoid damage to the fabric quality.
About color shirt: Usually brightly colored vests over shirts or dark stains. We can use bleach for white items simple. But blending the other white, bleach white and powerful easy frayed shirt armpits. But with the way described above laundry detergent, you can use for all kinds of coat color.

Wishing to keep your shirt clean white, fragrant offline!


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