You need to buy a domain name at a reputable and safe, as well as convenience in the payment. Take a look at my tutorial below:


Buy domain name, What you should choose provider?

Godaddy is the first choice for you, then will be Namecheap, you can also use and buy the domain name providers in your country, but it should not, because you involved in making money online so you are required to have Visa, Paypal. Their good service providers will make you use the service at this place.

I choose Godaddy because of their service a leader on the current world # 1 with millions of customers in this domain name management. The domain name at Godaddy will be safe. There ‘s no any problems occur when it disputes under your ownership, as well as very comfortable in paying. I’ve been using at Godaddy and absolutely convenience, very good service in addition there are a lot of promotions, you can use to buy domains with extremely low cost for the first year is 0.99, 1.99, $ 2.99 / year.

Things to prepare

  • A Visa or MasterCard available funds in the account (about $ 15 if you want to buy the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info.)
  • Scans paper with 2-sided ID cards, view the name, address and your image. Also, if possible, be prepared to add a 2-sided scan of your Visa or Mastercard.

Some note that when registering a domain name at Godaddy

  • You should use real information to avoid suddenly lost accounts
  • International credit card has been activated and can be paid
  • When the alarm phone number, you must declare together with the country code and remove the number 0 in front of the phone.

How to buy a domain name at GoDaddy

1. Enter the domain name to buy the box then press the SEARCH DOMAIN to check whether the domain name has no one to buy yet?

2. If it is the word “ is already registered, but options are available “This domain name is already registered by others, you can see a hint of their domain name directly below or find a domain other.

3. If it shows “Good news, this domain is available” under this domain that you can register and click the Continue to Cart button to pay.


4. On to the shopping cart page, it asks you if you want to use more value-added service, you should not select anything and click the Continue to Cart button.
5. Then you select the deadline to buy this domain. You can register domain names for 2 years, 3 years or 5 years, depending on the needs and conditions of you alone, but it’s best to sign up each year .

6. Press “Proceed to Check out” for paying the costs.

7. Then you are transferred to a new account registration page, if you have the account, you simply login, here are the new people so we will select the new account registration.
Declaring personal information and login


You will need to declare personal information and login to Godaddy. Here we have some parts such as:

First Name
Last Name
Country / Region
Address 1: Address line 1
Address 2: Address line 2 (without filling)
Zip / Postal: Postal code
State / Privince / Region
Company Name: Company Name, enter the name of the website also.
Phone Number: select the appropriate country and enter the phone number, do not include the country code.
Value-Added Tax (VAT): The type of applicable taxes, if you are registered in the name of an individual, select Personal, registered in the name of the company, select Business.

Drag the continued below


Account Information: Declare account login information

Email Address: Your e-mail address is used
Username: Username
Password: password must contain at least 1 uppercase, 1 digit, 1 lowercase.
PIN: the 4-digit secret if you need to report a call to service their customer support, it’s best to remember 4 numbers.


Payment Information

Step 1: Enter your billing information

Next was pulled down payment information, enter bank card number, security code (3 or 4 digits behind the card), the name printed on the card (the same record on the card) and day/month expires . You can use other forms, but encouraged her to use the card if you do not have PayPal.


Step 2: Place to Order

After entering the complete information,Press Continue button. Finally the Place Order button to proceed with the order and it will automatically withdraw money from your card.


Step 3: Show a successful registration and complete the registration procedures
After the withdrawal is complete, it will display as below “Thank you” page, that you have successfully registered.

Now you can go to My Account section on the menu.

Select Manage My Domains.

If your domain has been issued, they will appear as below, accompanied by the expiration date information and status
After registration is complete, your domain name will convert to your hosting WordPress sites to run with the domain name registration.

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