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Egypt is a favorite destination for many travelers to explore, to experience the Egyptian travel smoothly you should also learn something about this country. Egypt is located in North Africa, the Middle East and South-West Asia where cross-cultural interaction of many regions and countries. Egypt emerges with its brilliant civilization regarded as one of the earliest civilizations of humanity

Nowaday Egypt has become an attractive destination for secrets, legends and great legacies of the world. In the great work of Persian literature, “Thousand and One Nights,” writers Saint-John Perse wrote: “Those who have not arrived in Egypt are considered unknown worlds.” To Egypt you will be contemplated. The architecture is unique and wonderful.

When to travel to Egypt?
Between June and August in northern Cairo, Egypt has a hot climate, temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees celsius. Therefore, the best time to travel Egypt from March to May or Egyptian tour in November to feel warm and convenient for traveling.

What language should you use when traveling to Egypt?
English and Russian are popular tourist destinations in Egypt. Most people in Egypt say the two languages are very good, but most taxi drivers here do not know Russian or English so you should also have the appropriate response in this case.

Culture in Egypt

Cultural in communication
One feature of Egyptian communication culture is that they always meet face to face with each other. When greeting special attention to the name of the Egyptians because the name of the Egyptians are written in Arabic, it is difficult to remember making you misunderstand.
Also, between women and men never shake hands.

Transportation in Egypt
Traffic in Egypt is very good, especially in public transport, where you can travel to the attractions by bus, train, cruise or more fun can ride camels or horses.

Egypt city

Egypt Travel – where to stay
You have a lot of choices of hotels when traveling Egypt, from luxury hotels, cheap to cheap, depending on the cost of each person you choose for yourself a stopping place. unify. In addition, the hotel in Egypt should also be noted that the hotel should be near the destination for travel purposes.

Hotels in Cairo
Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah
Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis
Le Méridien Cairo Airport

Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh (and vicinity)
Oriental Rivoli Hotel
Hilton Sharm El Sheikh Fayrouz Resort
Domina Prestige Hotel & Resort
Luxor Hotels
Steigenberger Nile Palace Luxor Hotel
Sheraton Luxor Resort

What to see in Egypt?

The Bent Pyramid, located in Dahshur, is the only pyramid in Egypt that has a limestone outcrop that is intact and unmodified. The Bent Pyramid is a famous Egyptian shouldn’t be ignored.

Pyramids of Djoser
Originally built by the ancient Egyptians, it was 62 meters high with many buried underground terraces hidden in a confused tunnel.

Luxor Temple is located on the eastern bank of the Nile in the ancient city of Thebes. This is an exciting tourist destination in Egypt you should not miss.

The Great Sphinx is located in the Giza Plateau, Egypt, one of the largest and oldest statues in the world.

Temple Mortuary
Situated under the cliffs of Deir el Bahari in the west of the Nile River, it is constructed with 3 steps 30 m high. The temple was considered a place of worship for Hatshepsut after her death and expressed her respect for Amun.

Red Coast beach

Red Sea Coast
Sharm el Sheik’s Red Sea is the place that has many resorts and hotel systems, luxury restaurants and a variety of bars and casinos.Red Beach has many beautiful beaches, clear blue waters that are ideal for scuba diving and ocean exploration.

Nile River flows through 11 countries including Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. It is also the longest river in the world, about 6,650km long to the Mediterranean.

Today the Egyptian Nile is an attractive tourist destination, where you will discover the diverse flora of the river, visit the temples and many ancient sites on both sides of the river. Watching the sunset on the shores of the Aswan Dam will be a delightful experience for you.

Saint Catherine is the oldest monastery in the world, recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage located at the foot of Mount Sinai, in the city of Cairo. Saint Catherine is considered to be an unusually beautiful and exotic building.

white desert

White Desert A desert area of 28 miles to the Farafra town of Egypt. Desert has long been famous around the world for its exotic white boulders, made up of sand dunes created by the storms.

Siwa Oasis is a village located between the Qattara quayside and the Egyptian desert. Siwa Oasis has its own culture completely different from the common culture of Egypt. There are many hot springs, beautiful jewelry and the famous olive oil business of Egypt.

Cairo city

Mount Sinai
It is a religious mountain range located in the Egyptian capital Cairo. According to Christianity this is where Moses received the 10 commandments. The path up the mountain becomes a religious path for those who walk through the night to watch the sun rise. To explore all this mountain you take about 2 days.

Hopefully, with the information sharing travel experiences Egypt: Travel, accommodation, places to visit and dining above can help you the necessary information and useful to travel. Egyptian calendar is fun and convenient.


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