El Nido and Boracay are two paradises blue sea you definitely have to visit once to the Philippines.


Philippines inherently a big island, so talking about the sea here is certainly has many beautiful beaches. So, if you come to the Philippines for the first time, chances are you will have a little difficulty in choosing that, what will be the first destination to not regret. And to not have to go through that feeling, the El Nido and Boracay will be best two suggestions for you in the journey of discovery of this Philippine island.

El Nido – a cluster of small islands with many beaches

1st place will definitely be this place, by El Nido do not only beautiful paradise but also in the list ranking the world’s most beautiful beaches, it is also ranked the Top 20. Let’s go to El Nido via post Here We Go tested extremely Travelbugs quality teams. The young girl, this dynamic has had a trip to El Nido and if you want to experience this place, then post their review will certainly give you a lot of useful information.


In El Nido you can admire a lot of different large and small beaches, so this is a cluster of islands surrounded by the sea, where everything is still pretty wild.

And the first beach that you should visit El Nido Twin Beaches which is also known as the twin beaches. To Twin Beaches, you will see clearly two entirely separate beaches separated by a large sandy beach and right next to a small hill, with the left and right of the beach is Calitang Nacpan. Here truly is pretty deserted and not many tourists should change is extremely charming scenery. You can sit close to two beaches for sunbathing, sightseeing or have fun with the whole team here.


Afterwards, you can look to try a taste of Las Cabanas zipline swing across the sea. Then sip a glass of cocktail sitting on the edge of the beach bar is also an incredibly exciting experience at Las Cabanas.

Especially given to El Nido, then you must sign up for a trip Hoping Island Tour. Can be understood as a loop around the island exploring, caves, small nooks around El Nido by kayak with extremely affordable price, only about USD 25 / person.


Additionally, fresh seafood is also certain things that you have to try on the island. Famous seafood here is fresh, from the shrimp, crabs, fish to expensive items such as crayfish or oysters are delicious as well. Recipes and tasting notes of the people on the island not unlike the luxury 5-star restaurant.

Boracay Island is the perfect destination for visitors to tour the Philippines, the green and in the sea here, it is next to the white sand beaches, beautiful scenery like heaven. It’s an interesting thing when you come here you can enjoy good food with rich seafood dishes and enjoy the nightlife is very dynamic, or join the adventure game was at sea with leisure activities entertainment.


Center is located at the beach of the island of White beach, one of the island beaches, with white sand and blue water, the area is also the commercial center of the island with many restaurants, bars, cafes , internet cafes, shops and the bakery. Also where there are many top resorts and hotels are also popular here.

White Beach has beach facing the west, if you stay at this hotel at the foot of the day you can watch the sunset from here.


Bulabog Beach is considered the best place for games and kite surfing. In addition you can also watch the dawn every morning here, by Bulabog located in the east of the island. A fun game to Boracay yourself that you will be walking on the sea floor with the help of a diving helmet 1 with airway through one pipe.


That is the essential information for anyone who wants to El Nido Boracay. Hope you have a great trip!

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