Camera is an indispensable item in the travel itinerary exploring your world. No need to use the cameras to high-end camera with a normal tourist would have recorded stunning images of landscapes that you have arrived. A few tips to tell you how to take a beautiful pictures like that:

Moment capture 2 with camera

1/ Preset camera

When photographing landscapes, you want to achieve the maximum depth of field for sharp images from the foreground to the background, so it’s best to set up the camera ready in aperture priority mode (Av) . You can select a desired aperture and let the machine manually set the shutter speed.

2/ Take pictures in the most convenient location

Do not miss the opportunity for operational only take so much time taking the camera out of the bag very picky lot lid compartment. Keep it convenient as possible – preferably in a small bag with a strap to make sure and put on shoulder or attached to a belt. Because the golden moments can only happen once and not repeated.

Capt in park

3/ A third principle photography

This principle will help you have good photos, especially when you take the photo with the sky, the horizon that will be at the 1/3 horizontal distance photos. The horizon is interpreted as a “boundary” between the sky and the ground surface or sea level. In the image below, we can see the horizon is a horizontal bar between the sea and the sky, but not in distance 1/3.

4/ Find new corner of picture

It is considered one of the secrets to beautiful photography while traveling that you should know. Highlights, textures characteristic of the landscape and people are familiar corner. On the other hand, it wants good pictures right dress, neutral colors will catch better light.

Capt in park 2-horz

5/ Light direction

To have the impressive landscapes, favorable light elements are indispensable. The sunny day, the time taken up in the morning, before 10h00 and after 15h00 the afternoon will have beautiful light.
Usually taken down or slightly towards the light for pictures, vibrant colors. Backlight can capture the unique pictures. However shooting backlit requires technical mastery as well as taking a basic knowledge of photography.
Photographed at the time of the afternoon will be difficult due to light shots noon unattractive and subject’s shadow will flow directly into the subject

6/ Good use solar lights

Sunlight is still a determining factor for a beautiful photo. Do not take photos when backlit, even with flash and unless skylight create a signature as portraits below. Person or group of people was taken to stand facing the sun, more beautiful light shooting turn, means that the light will shine on par with the subject instead of straight slide.

Capt in night light

7/ Photographed indoors during low light

As in a chapel, cathedral, museums, the night market is crowded … with light, do not think of flash. The first is to increase the ISO to the machine, this is the minimum methods that any manipulator always can think of. However, increasing the ISO to make broken image if the zoom. How to remain bright and clear images. It is best to use a tripod (Tripods).

8/ Photographed in jungle, rainforest

The best time to photograph trees after rain. The sky is not too bright and the remaining water on the leaves will make things more vitality. Again, you need to a camera tripod to prevent your photos from shaking, blurred. One more tip to capture beautiful images that are just taking the trees near the river, lake, stream, waterfall by the scenery here is crystal-clear.


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