Binh Hung Island is one of three islands belonging to Tam Binh, Cam Ranh, Vietnam. The people on the island live mainly lobster farming and fishing. Binh Hung the island that you will have the exciting experience of the waters here.

Another surprise is that the roads around the island is very clean, the houses on the island is located overlooking the sea and are often close together. At this point, you will have moments of extreme comfort, temporarily forget the busy pace of life where the city and soak up the rustic fishing village life, on the pristine beach.


The suitable time to go there?

You should remember to go to Binh Hung avoid October, November. Because it’s time to storm from the Middle Area. The most ideal time is still the summer months because you will enjoy the landscape of white sand and blue sea in sunshine.


There are many ways to reach the island of Binh Hung:
Currently, Vietnam Airlines has a lot of flights to Cam Ranh in the day, very convenient for you to move. You should hunt airfares Binh Hung cheap tourism, there are several waves of air up to 50%.

Trains: you should find out information about train as Thap Cham station then catch a taxi to the Binh Tien Beach goggles- you will see Binh Hung island.

By Car: From HCMC you start to buy ticket of company Phuong Trang, Phuong Nam, Mai Linh … then catch the train to Cam Ranh and to Binh Hung island.


You can travel in the island by:

Boat: To visit the boats you can rent this place and these people can enjoy the food on the boat. Besides the glass-bottomed boat, so you can just move just admire the beauty of coral such as walking under the sea

Motorcycles: If you want to travel by motorcycle you can rent at the thought of the island with about USD 8 to USD 10 cost / day. Also on the island also offers a unique electric vehicle trips from the marina to the lighthouse at the cost of about USD 2 / person / trip.

Walking: You can choose to walk to freedom by exploring clearing, because Binh Hung has a modest area.

Accommodation on the island

On the island you can stay at home friends, homestay, motel or camping. Friend’s house style hammock or on a small bed mattress (priced around USD 8 / night), just to sleep while listening to the waves slapping sound. Or you can ask the people to stay Homestay USD 10/ night, stay at home if they have a holiday home on the island Tham Trang, Binh Hung motels.
Hostel Hong Nhan
Address: Island Binh Hung, Cam Binh, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa
Phone: 094 2704480

Motels Binh Hung Quan
Address: Island Binh Hung, Cam Binh, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa
Phone: 0916650249

Motels Thao
Address: Island Binh Hung, Cam Binh, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa
Phone: 0945 054938

The tourist attractions as the island Binh Hung


Banana Beach

Beach has the largest sand island in Binh Hung area, as well as the deepest level. The sand sands form should also very clean, the people on the island and took this sand to build a house. The water was green banana leaf color, very strange. If to the beach, sometimes you will encounter foreign tourists swim here. In monsoon season, this park is quite large so there is usually little wave arrival. You can come by road park, Binh Tien follow a path, direction from Beijing to Vinh Hy Beach, about 1km away is seen downlink yards.

Binh Tien Beach

It’s voeted as the most beautiful beaches, located in Cam Ranh Bay is Mountains above the Lord of Ninh Thuan. Binh Tien sea is very beautiful, white sand flat, blue sea and pretty clean. Because the mountain is covered by many sea so quiet … suitable for children and adults, young people can picnic, camp overnight here. Binh Tien to interesting especially after bathing, visitors have the opportunity to sit enjoying the fresh and cheap seafood dishes such as snails, squid and fresh crab boil … right under the coconut trees, filled with sea breeze. If tourists up the mountain at the sun has parted the sea will overwhelmed by the sunrise over the sea.


Da Trung Beach

The first impression catches your eye when this park is the giant stone, round and big as dinosaur eggs so. This is the park to visit, not bath because the entire beach is rocky so unsafe.

To down the beach, you walk up to the lighthouse road slightly, up close to the top, the road has to go down the right hand side. This park is way down the mountain road is not easy but it is not too difficult. If you have a little bit healthy and eager enough, it only takes 10 minutes to get there.

Moreover, Ran Beach went to coral reefs, Cha La Beach (the island’s largest beach), in addition to Me Beach that you should rent boat to go there.

Here’s the travel experience full Binh Hung island most detailed and I give you. Have a trip to the island of Binh Hung safe, fun.Suggestion another places you should visit in Vietnam

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    • In Vietnam, there’ve many islands better than it. it just one of the best island that I went. You can go here with budget travel. Thanks!

    • Actually you can go some islands near Binh Hung, they’s also nice beach with clean water as well. Hope you’ll have a great trip when you go to Vietnam 🙂

  1. I am putting together a dream trip to SE Asia for my 30th birthday, and Vietnam is on my list! This island definitely looks like it’s a dream destination; those beaches look wonderful! Thanks for sharing such an informative post, it will definitely come in handy with pricing my trip.

    • Binh Hung also small island that people rarely know it. And it becomes popular now based on internet. It’s really beautiful island with clear water. Hope you get back soon and have more great experiences when you’re here 🙂

  2. I love Vietnam so much! I wish I were able to visit more places when I was there. I’ll definitely have to add these islands to my list for the next visit. The beaches are so pristine. It looks like the perfect place for some R&R.

  3. Woww.. the islands looks like a postcard. I had no idea there s such a stunning island near Vietnam. Bookmarking this page for future reference. I thought of visiting Halong bay , Mui Ne and back and now you have added one more destination to my list.

  4. This looks amazing!! I’m planning go there in April but just couldn’t find any information about whether foreigner can go there…


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