Best Information for budget travel in Korea – Part I


Korea Tourism is a great destination, we were quite known this country by famous films. You can also imagine a developed country with beautiful scenery of tropical weather. Trip to Korea was perfect and more successful, you need to know about Korea before. So dear friends, the Korean travel experience with cheap budget shared here are pocket handbook Korea travel to your coming out well and meaningful. The following article will give you some useful information when traveling in Korea.

When you should travel to Korea?

Best time to travel the most convenient in Korea is in the fall season, when the roads, forests filled with red and yellow leaves of the tree. Time should not go in the summer, when tourists travel much led to the hustle and services price was pushed up.


Hotel reservations booked through Agoda, you should make a reservation or any website for cheap. Because almost you go all day, and only sleeping at night. If you do not mind, they may make the sauna, and then find a place to take a nap. Deposit, sauna and slept there, too. Each time the sauna about 15,000 won. Koreans have a sauna and then sleep overnight there.

Korea Street
Or you can reference these hotels below:
Banana Backpackers
30-1, Ikssun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Tel: + 82-2-3672-1973.
Price: Double / Twin (no bunk-bed) room: 55.000won/night /2 persons.

Banana Backpacker
Hotel Little France (Jeju Island)
Address: 486-1, Seogwidong, Seogwipo-si, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea.
Tel: + 82-64-732-4552.
Price: Modern room: USD 147.29/ 3 nights/ 2 persons

The 3-star hotel but affordable prices (compared with other hotel in Korea) but quite comfortable is concentrated in crowded places tourists such as Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Jeju Island. Room rates range from USD 30 – USD 60 / night. One usually has 2-3 beds very convenient for those who travel in groups Korea.

Guesthouse Korea
If you want to stay, then I recommend you a good Hostel This Hostel.
1 single room price is KRW 30,000 private, spacious, clean, comfortable, free breakfast, free internet, location near the center, a square Gwang-hwa-mun & palaces Gyongbokgung only about 1km. Insa-dong Market area, the staff spoke English quite well, and very nice, knows how to play guitar, piano & sing well.

– Check in time is 13:00-14:00 and 11:00 am check-out time.
– An experience at check-in guest to check all the facilities available in the room, if any items found anything that fails to immediately notify the receptionist.
– Should hand over the keys at the hotel reception n because if I lost you’ll be fine.
– Guests should ask for pay television services to avoid losing money.


Transportation in Korea
There is a huge network connecting various cities and provinces in the country. If you are traveling by bus is a very cost-effective way. It has its own bus lanes should travel very convenient and fast. Price from 500-1400 won the price of the bus to the provinces.

Express bus on long trips
Express buses go regularly and have an express bus offers high quality travel services all cities in the country. The high-quality buses, the seats are very spacious fully equipped, this service has many routes running night. Busan and Seoul Bus Station is 2 bus routes to the city’s.

There are 2 types of ordinary and luxury, of course a luxury taxi will cost more, the price is calculated according to time and distance traveled.

You can walk around Busan, Daegu, Seoul is easy by subway. This is a rail system to be upgraded and further developed as a means of safe, fast and most pleasant. For every 2.5 to 3 ‘has buses running. Basic fare is 900won.

Korean places with delicious and good prices

Korea Foods
Coming to Korea, you can not ignore to try to eat kimchi – everyday dishes marinated, prepared with traditional recipes that no other country is doing the same. Taste of Korean kimchi will certainly make you not disappointed!

Mixed rice dish “bibimbap” is also a specialty of Korea. Delicious rice seeds each supple, smooth white sauce roasted through viscous. Then, it will give the vegetables, fried egg and meat, and stir up that can enjoy always.

Tteokbokki followed by rice pudding – dishes must no longer strangers. This incredibly delicious cakes made by materials carefully selected.

BBQ is also one of the dishes made hearts flutter tourists travel to South Korea. The meat is marinated with special spices and soy. After grilled over charcoal red, we can eat meat with lettuce attached to not be prevent and make dishes more delicious.

These are some famous places that you can go there and taste some street foods:

Barbecue area: You just need to walk about 10 ‘from the station will be Majang is authentic barbecue dishes that are quite cheap price.
Jolbal Area: Truth is boiled pork signature dish here, with bold flavors, soft sweet casseroles. Only where there are new special flavor like no other.
Galchi Jorim: At this point you will get soup tasty tiger fish, a lot of visitors arrive. This is said to be one of the largest markets in Asia.

Above is the share of Korean travel experiences part I that you can refer to upcoming trip and loved ones. I wish your trip really fun and meaningful in South Korea!

To be continued……


  1. Korea seems like an interesting country to visit! As a vegetarian, I’m not sure if I’d find a great variety of food – luckily I love Kimchi though 🙂 Nice to hear that traveling by bus is a way to save some money!

    • Korea is the place that will make travelers want to try the foods. Because they have many good foods. I am actually excited with food here. Yes, bus is one of the best choice for budget traveling to me. Thanks!

  2. I hope to visit Korea in the New Year, this is the post I’ve been looking for! I cannot wait to eat my way through the country, bibimbap is my absolute favourite. Thanks so much for all the recommendations!


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