These applications are indispensable for people when traveling


Annually a few holidays that we can go away and relax a few days. Most people will choose to travel several days to enlist relieve stress, have more time to spend with loved ones and friends. However, if you do not get the information and the necessary preparation, your trip will probably be a “disaster”. Often people will go online looking for information, ask those who have been away or is most certainly looking to the travel company. But there are also those who do not like it, because they’re simple and they know smartphones have dozens of applications that can help them look up the information and services they need just by installing them on your phone .

The following article was compiled and presented to you some of the best travel apps, popular and highest rating from those who have ever used.

Apps Necessary for traveling 1

1/ TripAdvisor
Surely you’ve heard that name before. TripAdvisor is the largest travel website and the most famous World. Here, you can consult the tens of millions of users, are using this application from a hotel reservation, looking for flights to tourist destinations and other services.
In addition to this application, you can also refer to and use Skyscanner, also have similar features and is completely free.

2/ AccuWeather
If you’re planning to travel in places can be affected by weather, AccuWeather will help you a lot. You can view the weather forecast of places that tomorrow you will go in each time slot to schedule a visit accordingly.

3/ Google Translate
Although do not reach the level of absolute accuracy but undeniable “dangerous level” of Google Translate app, especially when traveling abroad. This application will allow you to translate the text with ease. Thanks to Google Translate you can easily communicate with the locals if they do not know the local language.

4/ Foodspotting
Foodspotting is a specialized software review about the best places to eat for guests. Foodspotting allows you to find the best food in the place you are traveling, rated dishes right on the app and share with friends and other travelers.

Also, you can find plenty of advice, opinions about specialties of each restaurant or cafeteria of millions of tourists and culinary experts from around the world.

5/ XE currency exchange
The application is very convenient for those who are traveling cross-country. website is one of the conversion rate on the most reliable network. You will have the results converted into multiple currencies from an original coin. It also saved the most recent update, so you can look up the exchange rate fairly accurately when unable to connect to the network.

Apps Necessary for traveling 2

6/ Wi-Fi Finder
Many applications in this list are then want to use your phone must be connected to the Internet. This app allows you to search more than 500 locations with Wi-Fi worldwide. You can filter out the free places and locations to pay a service fee.

8/ mTrip
Application mTrip Travel Guide can be used in most major cities around the world. mTrip offers offline maps when you can not connect to the Internet. Another feature allows you to send virtual postcards to friends and family via email or Facebook. mTrip also establishes a schedule of day trips according to the type of place you like to like museums, parks, etc.

9/ TripIt
You do not have to be good at planning, but this trip was far too many important things to keep in mind, let’s turn to the help of TripIt. This application will help you manage and organize your entire trip in one sequence extremely reasonable and accurate. All you need to do is give the “virtual assistant” this entire email about reservations, airline tickets and travel time only.

10/ Instagram, Flickr and Facebook
And thelast but not least important, it is the app to take pictures, edit photos and social networking. Of course you will not want to miss the beautiful frame in its place if the people come and “addicted selfie”, the more impossible not to take a selfie few styles to upload to Facebook, show off to friends.


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