Hello my friends! I’m Galiatography

I am a little girl with a desire to travel around the world.

Tourism started a small hobby for me from the 2nd year university, I travel when I have time, full of money, there are associations and groups of friends carefully prepared, Sonia decided to go . Back then, I’m very shy, just dare to go the close proximity, each time going the distance is scared stiff is to that place like? Eat what ? What play? Talk to someone? Is it safe there? Scared away unhappy! Even number! Fearing danger! Scared parents scolded! Scared to death! bla bla bla. Then one fine day, and that, I had to overcome this feelings of stress, leaving behind all the joy anxiety, fears former selves. It’s time travel passion rekindled start and grow inside me, it is an abundant source of power impulses created his “beautiful house” is here.

I want to share with you my experiences, my stories and my knowledges I hope this page’s really the small house for providing useful travel information together. It helps you prepare your trips perfectly and have an overview via best photos of places, cultures and people. Moreover to make you the world’s savviest traveler with all the enthusiasm, orientation, and assert yourself.

Moreover, Galia is where experience sharing and sending beautiful pictures of landscapes.

I’m extremely happy to be friends with all people who share the same passion as me!

Thank you for taking the time to read the story of me!

And do not forget to tell her to hear if you have a common interest and passion by leaving comments below offline! I’ll be very happy to see it there.


” Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it mean try again with experience”Len Schlesinger