Ha Noi is an tourist attraction that you can not ignore when traveling the Northern. This is an famous destination converging many factors from cultural tourism, historical relics, beautiful landscapes, resorts,…

Besides, you also have a chance to enjoy Ha Noi delicacies. Most of them are located in Ha Noi Old Quarter- the area has the long history of thousand years since Ly Cong Uan King moved the citadel.

Beside traditional delicacies, Ha Noi also have many special foods coming from other regions. This brings you more choices for food when visiting Ha Noi.

Bún Đậu Mắm Tôm Hà Nội
Bún Đậu Mắm Tôm Hà Nội

Ha Noi delicacies you should not ignore

Here are some suggestions for you to choice delicacies when visiting Ha Noi Old Quarter in one day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. If having more time, you can refer the List of Food below.

Suggestions for Breakfast in Old Quarter

Phở Traditional
Phở Traditional

1. Pho Bat Dan: Pho Bat Dan is the famous food in Ha Noi. Talking about Pho Bat Dan, people immediately remind of the long queue in the morning to have a good bowl of Pho.

The restaurant is quite crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. Most of the diners come here because they want to enjoy Pho in the grillroom way of Ha Noi.

If you are the person who like to be served or having to line up, this is not the Pho  you expect. Fortunately, on the other day of week, the grillroom is not crowd as Sarturday or Sunday.

Pho Bat Dan has a heirloom name. It’s typical of traditional beef noodle soup of Ha Noi with a rich of aroma, greasy, clear broth, fresh and full of beef. This make Pho Bat Dan more attractive not only with Ha Noi people but also with diners from other regions

Noted: you should come to eat with 2 persons: one person order and one is keeping for seats.

Address: 49 Bat Dan, opening from 6:30-8:30.

2. Hang Chai Snail Rice Noodle
Hang Chai is a little street connecting Hang Ruoi and Hang Cot. Ms.Them’s snail rice noodle grillroom located at corner of Hang Chai is famous for 25 years with special broth with light vinegar.The restaurant have loyalty customers who eat Pho when Pho only cost 2,000 VND, and today is 30,000 VND. The grillroom is crowded in about 9:00-10:00. You have to line up in quite a long time to enjoy this famous food. Though, more and more people come to Hang Chai snail rice noodle and not to be afraid of queuing.This grillroom is quite small and have low chairs, so you may feel cramped. You should come to early to avoid queuing. Because people around here often buy noodle to eat at home so despite of lack of people in grillroom, you have to wait to have a bowl of delicious snail rice noodle.

Suggestions for Lunch in Old Quarter

  1. Dac Kim Kebab rice noodles

This is the most famous kebab rice noodles restaurant in homestay Ha Noi

After having been repaired, the restaurant looks cleaner and services’s faster. The cost for per serving is about 50,000-60,000 VND. Because the serving is pretty much so you should order 2 servings if you come with 2 persons. There are 3 types of kebab combined in one serving: Grilled pork (pork side),

grilled chopped pork ball (chopped pork), chopped pork rolling with Xuong Song leaves- a spice. All serve in a bowl with boiled nuoc mam – a spicy Vietnamese fish sauce, kohlrabi, crunchy fermented carrots. To make the smell more attractive, a layer of pepper is prinkled on the nuoc mam in the bowl.

The serving should be enjoy with vegetables and spice: salad, coriander, marjoram, basil, melissa …

2. Live noodle with fried tofu & shrimp paste – 55 Phat Loc Alley
Located at the end of Hang Bac Street, there is a small alley which is always crowding – that is Phat Loc Alley.This alley is famous for the noodle with fried tofu & shrimp paste. There are many grillrooms along the alley, but the two most popular are number 55 and number 49 grillroom. This is a simple food and easy to cook, however it needs a careful choice of raw materials.Live noodle must be bun la of Phu Do Village – a type of live noodle. Shrimp paste is choosen from Thanh Hoa, dark pink, spongy. Good tofu is choosen from Mo village. Tofu have to be tasted deliciously buttery, fried in a pan of boiling oil, smoky when cut out.

Additionally, you can order cha com- a special food made from chopped pork and green rice flakes, or other delicious foods such as: boiled pork, fried sausage,…

Despite of crowding, the grillroom is so clean and have fast service.

Suggestion for Dinner

  • Roasted Bird Thinh Vuong Restaurant

This restaurant is located at an ancient house at 13 Ta Hien Street, opened when Ta Hien Street is still so quiet.

Although this is an area known as the “international corner” with countless pubs, snacks on the sidewalk, this is an indoor grillroom, having a very convenient seats and location for you after dinner, if you wanna walk around the old town or find a bar.
The most special dish that almost people come to here order is roasted pigeon.

There are many roasted pigeon restaurant in Ha Noi but only Ta Hien restaurant (or Hang Buom) becomes a famous brand.
A roasted bird dish costs about 100,000 VND, is still served hot, smoky. Poultry meat is riped with crushed skin due to being marinated.

Eating in winter is even more exciting. In addition, the restaurant also serves dry steak, which is quite strange compared to the regular steak.

However, there are some opinions that Thinh Vuong Restaurant at No. 13 is not as delicious as Truong Tho Restaurant next door (11 Ta Hien Street).

Ha Noi Delicacies Restaurant

For travellers, the Old Quarter is the center and also the place where you usually stay for convenient travel. Depending on your homestay hà nội’s location, you can explore the list of area below.

1. The area surrounded by Hang Cot – Hang Luoc – Cha Ca – Lan Ong – Hang Vai – Phung Hung

  • La Vong grilled fish
  • Seafood at Hang Luoc: opening in the evening, at the beginning of Hang Cot, you go down to 15 Hang Luoc. There are not many choices of seafood for you. In return for, the dishes so delicious and very famous, such as: egg-squid, grilled blood cockle, mussel gruel with youtiao,…
  • Steamed sticky rice and grilled cutter at 6A Hang Luoc. Addition, you also have chance to taste grilled fish, grilled shrimp.
  • Chopped pork with live noodles at 57 Hang Luoc: located at alley nearby Vinh Tru Pagoda. The cost is 25,000 – 30,000 VND/per serving, but the square of grillroom is quite small.
  • Stewed Sweet Herbal Chicken Soup at 12 Hang Cot: pricing of 55,000 VND/serving. There is half of  black-skinned chicken in per serving.
  • Ms.Them Snail noodles at Hang Chai: opening in the morning, closing at 12:00.
  • Grilled beef at 33 Gam Cau: this is a famous restaurant if you wanna taste BBQ in Ha Noi streestyle.
  • Nata de coco at 54 Hang Cot: cost of 30,000 VND/serving.
  • Crab rice noodles at 59A Phung Hung: 30,000 VND/serving. You can choose other special dishes such as: pork-pie, bean, beef …
  • Sweet soup, cream and steamed sticky rice at 75 Hang Giay.
  • Roasted chestnuts, grilled corn, baked potatoes: concentrated at Hang Luoc – Hang Chai in the evening.
  • Medium-rare beef and well-done flanks: 80 Hang Ma.
  • Steamed Rice Cake at 01 Hang Ma: The cake here is made in Hue style cake but has been adding more special spice.
  • Mix chicken noodles at 65 Lan Ong: opening in the evening, 35,000 VND/serving.
  • Hue beef noodle: 16B Hang Ga.
  • Cane-juice at the beginning of Hang Vai and Phung Hung, there are many food-store concentrating here in the evening summer.
  • Doc mung Noodle – a noodle with chopped pork ball and tall and fibrous herb.
  • Vietnamese Bread at 25 Hang Ca. This is a food-store, not selling Kebab, made from pâté, ham and other traditional flavors. Bread here are deliciously scented, made from raw wheat flour,  filling of cake is the traditional flavor from the French. The restaurant is open daily from 7:00 until 20:00. You can order home delivery (in the urban), contact the owner: Phuong 0977668895.

2. The area surrounded by Hang Da Market – Hang Can – Luong Van Can – Hang Gai – Hang Bong – Phung Hung – Cua Dong – Hang Bo

The area surrounded by Hang Da Market - Hang Can - Luong Van Can - Hang Gai - Hang Bong - Phung Hung - Cua Dong - Hang Bo
The area surrounded by Hang Da Market – Hang Can – Luong Van Can – Hang Gai – Hang Bong – Phung Hung – Cua Dong – Hang Bo (@toidi.net)
  • Kinh Ky Grilled Fish at 25 Duong Thanh Street: This restaurant also serves fish dishes, but there are more spacious and comfortable than the traditional restaurant at 14 Cha Ca. In the afternoon, the restaurant is quite crowded. If you come with a group, should call for reserve. Tel: (84-4) 39 232 873. There are many other fish dishes such as fish’s bowels , fried fish, fish’s stomach … so that you can freely choose.
  • Pho Queue at 49 Bat Dan: This is a traditional Pho restaurant, opening from the 60s of last century. Because of crowding, guests come here have to queue-up, self-order noodle and self-find seats. The price is slightly expensive 40,000-50,000 VND/bowl.
  • Pho street-food: is one of the delicacies, selling in the afternoon to 8:00pm at the corner at 4 Hang Bong and Hang Trong. The dish will taste more if you enjoy it in the winter.
  • Nam Bo Beef Noodles: at the beginning of Duong Thanh Street, pricing is 45,000 VND/bowl.
  • Sweet-soup four seasons at 04 Hang Can Street: There are many kind of tasting-good sweet-soup, but the car parking area is inconvenient. In the winter, there is banh troi tau – it looks like a small ball and made from stuffed sticky rice. However, the pricing is higher than others.
  • Stewed Sweet Herbal Chicken Soup: a food-store at the corner Luong Van Can – Hang Bo, price: 45,000 VND/bowl.
  • Dry noodles: 16 Hang Bo
  • Hang Bo Pancake: opening at 15:00pm, closing at 19:00.
  • Shrimp dumplings: 55 Hang Bo, opening in the evening.
  • Bun rieu – a traditional Vietnamese meat rice vermicelli soup, is served with tomato broth and topped with freshwater crab: 25A Bat Dan.
  • Egg noodle soup with wontons: 22 Hang Phen, 19 Hang Dieu.
  • Bun doc mung: 18 Bat Dan
  • Mussel gruel: 65 Duong Thanh.
  • Live noodle with fried tofu & shrimp paste: 1B Ngo Tram
  • Hot youtiao: 71 Hang Bong
  • Fried fermented pork roll, fried potatoes, cheese stick,…: Tam Thuong Alley, Hang Bong.
  • Fish gruel, stomach of fish fried with pickles, grilled fish: end of Hang Bong Street, at the corner of Phung Hung.
  • Pork ribs gruel: Ngo Huyen, opening at evening.
  • Fried steamed sticky rice: 02 Hang Dieu, serve with pickles, ham, chinese sausage, meat,… Price: 45,000 VND/serving.
  • Sweet-soup with steamed sticky rice: at the corner of Hang Bo-Hang Thiec.
  • Reng Reng Coffee: 14 Hang Phen, with streetstyle, the pricing is quite pleasant, 28,000 VND/glass of cappuchino or latte.
  • Cocoa yaourt sliced: 78 Hang Non
  • Pickled fruit: 5 Hang Chi, To Tich.
  • Coffee shop at 34 and 37 Luong Van Can: these are two long-standing coffee shop at three-way crossroads of Luong Van Can and Hang Quat.
  • Potato sweet soup: 01 Ngo Tram
  • Ambarella juice: 190 Hang Bong
  • Miscellaneous yaourt: 23 Hang Duong
The area surrounded by Hang Da Market - Hang Can - Luong Van Can - Hang Gai - Hang Bong - Phung Hung - Cua Dong - Hang Bo
The area surrounded by Hang Da Market – Hang Can – Luong Van Can – Hang Gai – Hang Bong – Phung Hung – Cua Dong – Hang Bo

3. The area of Dong Xuan Market, surrounded by Hang Dau – Tran Nhat Duat – Thanh Ha – Cau Dong – Dong Xuan

  • Fish noodles: Hong Phuc Alley, nearby Hang Dau Booth: The grillroom located at the beginning of alley, pricing 30,000 VND/bowl và made in Hai Phong fish noodles style. Fillet of carp is sliced, fried, mixed with noodles and grilled fish ball –  made from sliced mackerel and dill. When tasting, you should add a little tamarind juice into your bowl to make it more delicious.
  • Gam Cau Grilled viscera: There are many grilled dishes such as bowels, stomach, colon, … These ingredients are soaked by honey before grilling  so the taste is more delicious than other’s. These dishes are topped with a quitely attractive chilli sauce.
  • Mixed chicken noodles: at three-way crossroads of Nguyen Thien Thuat, opening in the evening, closing at 1:00 or 2:00.
  • Jellyfish:  Nguyen Thien Thuat Street.
  • Miscellaneous snail noodles: 23 Hang Khoai. Specially, the dish serves with baby duck egg. the price is quite expensive: 50,000 VND/bowl.
  • Snail noodles with unripe bananas and tofu: Dong Xuan Market. Addition, you also have many choices with: tofu noodles, bun rieu with crab and snail, fried cake, pillow cake, …
  • Gam Cau Crab Chinese Vermicelli: 30,000 VND/bowl.
  • Beef steamed with wine noodles: 49 and 78Tran Nhat Duat, price 30,000 VND/bowl
  • Mixed ricepaper: 45 Hang Dau

4. The area O Quan Chuong, surrounded by Hang Chieu – Tran Nhat Duat – Luong Ngoc Quyen – Hang Ngang – Hang Duong

The area O Quan Chuong, surrounded by Hang Chieu - Tran Nhat Duat - Luong Ngoc Quyen - Hang Ngang - Hang Duong
The area O Quan Chuong, surrounded by Hang Chieu – Tran Nhat Duat – Luong Ngoc Quyen – Hang Ngang – Hang Duong
  • Bun rieu: 23 Nguyen Sieu
  • Cool snail noodles, steamed egg, fried cake: O Quan Chuong.
  • Fried viscera and fried Pho: 10 Nguyen Sieu
  • Fried rice with chicken: 62 Dao Duy Tu, price: 35,000 VND/dish.
  • Mexico Tacos Restaurant: 54 Dao Duy Tu.
  • Grilled beef: 47 Ma May
  • Pyramidal rice dumpling – filled with meat, onion, mushroom: Dao Duy Tu, nearby O Quan Chuong, opening in the afternoon.
  • Wonton noodles: Hang Chieu, three-way crossroad of Nguyen Thien Thuat. It’s the most delicious wonton noodles restaurant in this area. You can add shrimp into your bowl.
  • Grilled pork bread: 127 Hang Buom, price 25,000 VND/serving with 2 skewer of pork, opening in the evening.
  • Beef noodles: 12 Hang Giay.
  • Thinh Vuong Roasted Bird: 12 Ta Hien. The restaurant is located in the walking area, so you can send your vehicle outside and walk in. The restaurant is now expanded into two house so the seats are so convenient. You don’t need to worry about seat if going with group. The best dish in the restaurant that many guests recommend is the roast beef and steak.
  • “Chao” Bread: 01 Ta Hien. For per serving has páte, egg, pork, Chinese sausage put on a pan. The pricing is 25,000 VND/serving. Opening from 6:00 to 16:00.
  • Noodle with fried tofu & shrimp paste: 04 Ngo Gach. Moreover, there are many grilled food and steak restaurant in this area.
  • Snail noodles: 07 Hang Chinh.
  • Noodle with fried tofu & shrimp paste: Phat Loc Allley. Additon, you can enjoy other dishes, such as: fried young rice, boiled meat, fried nem  (pork hash wrapped in banana leaf),…
  • Bun rieu: Phat Loc Alley, nearby Tien Ha Temple, opening from 5:00 to 10:00.
  • Ms.Thuy’s grilled pork noodles: located at the beggining off Luong Ngoc Quyen, opening in the afternoon.
  • Lemon tea, jack-fruit yaourt, sweet soup: Gao Market, Dao Duy Tu. Addition, you can taste many snacks.
  • The Door Café: 11 Hang Chinh
  • Shot Café: 60 Ngo Phat Loc
  • Coffee: 39 Ta Hien
  • Ta Hien, Luong Ngoc Quyen is the center of food-store of beer, lemon tea, fried nem at street side…that most of younger and foreigners favor. Moreover, there are many bar, pub opening in the evening and closing at late night, such as: Fat Cat (Ta Hien), Funky B (02 Ta Hien), Rockstore (61 Ma May), Prague Pub (38 Luong Ngoc Quyen), FactoryBar (47 Hang Buom), Mao’s Red (07 Ta Hien).

5. The area nearby Hoan Kiem Lake, surrounded by Hang Bac – Hang Tre – Cau Go – Hang Dao

  • Stewed Sweet Herbal Chicken Soup: Dinh Liet
  • Snails: Dinh Liet, nearby hang Bac, opening from 15:00 to 19:00. The grillroom only sell snail, not include other seafood. Nearby this grillroom is a Vietnamese food store with many kinds of delicious cakes.
  • Donner Kebab: 02 Hang Bac, this is the restaurant which is the first one to sell this food first in Ha Noi.
  • Chicken wings roasted salt: 14 Hang Thung. It’s a commonly grillroom with cool atmosphere and many delicious food, such as: chicken feet, chicken wings, chicken cartilage roasted with salt. All is soaked with delicious and charming spice. Besides, you also order pork heart or pork kidney gruel.


  • Ba Duc Hot rice noodle soup: 48 Cau Go. Despite small scale, this is a grillroom with standards ingredients of hot rice noodle soup. The service is fast, the pricing is quite unexpensive, about 30,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl. Addition, the grillroom also serve the pork feet soup. Don’t ignore if this is your favorite food.
  • Cuong Pho: 13 Hang Muoi, opening in the morning, pricing is about 30,000-40,000 VND/bowl. The broth is so charming, include with delicious youtiao.
  • Yen Steamed sticky rice: 35 Nguyen Huu Huan. This is the most famous steamed sticky rice restaurant in Ha Noi. At present, the restaurant has greatly expanded, including three storey in a big building. In whole day, the buyers are so crowding. They park their vehicle full of the street. However the service is so good with a large and agile staff, so there is no complain about this. At this restaurant, you shouldn’t ignore chicken fried with mushroom and steamed sticky rice because it tastes so well and different from others.
  • Turtle noodles: 57 Cầu Gỗ: opening from 6:00am to 10:00 am.
  • Yaourt with magenta plant and steamed sticky rice: 8B Hang Tre.
  • Milk tea: 14 Gia Ngu
  • Chinese Stuffed sticky rice balls, miscellaneous sweet-soup: at the corner of Hang Bac-Dinh Liet-Ta Hien.
  • Giang Coffee: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan. This coffee is famous for egg-coffee, one of the most delicious coffee in the world.
  • There are many coffees along Nguyen Huu Huan, Lam Coffee, Nang Coffee,…


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