15 useful tips when traveling that nobody knows


Experiencing new place gives us more joy in life as well as collecting countless valuable lessons about life and people. So take advantage of the time and let’s go. Here are some useful tips to make your trip easy:

1/ Store your phone or headset’s battery in a glass case, which makes it easy to find and store them.

2/ Use a spring cord from the ballpoint pen to wrap around the phone charger cord. This way the charger cable is not torn or broken.

3/ You should roll up your clothes when folded in a suitcase instead of your own or on a daily basis. You will save quite a bit of space for other items.

4/ In case, you still want to fold the wrap, use paper towels around them to keep clothes from wrinkling.

5/ Keep your wallet, keys and phone in your briefcase or purse before placing them on the conveyor belt at the security door. You will not have to waste your time putting your stuff in a separate container.

6/ Keep things such as toothpaste, facial cleansers or lotions and fill up when you run out.

7/ If you travel abroad, put the phone in flight mode, turn off 3G and use GPS. Search for a place to go on Google Maps before you arrive at the hotel, and you will have a comprehensive map of the area

8/ Label “fragile cargo” on your luggage. In this way, airport staff will lighten up your luggage, they will be placed on the luggage of other guests and usually out first.

9/ On the last day of the trip, collect all the remaining foreign currency and donate to the homeless.

10/ On the plane, you will not be allowed to queue for long to go to the bathroom. So the best time to do this is when the plane takes off or 15-20 minutes before take off.

11/ Setting flight mode for your phone saves battery power and charges nearly twice as fast.

12/ First, place your shoes along the sides of the suitcase. Next, pack big clothes like pants and t-shirts. Do not overlap, but spread the trousers to the bottom of the suitcase, then go back to rule 1 roll the rest up on the “pyramid” principle, then apply the excess of the pants to the top. . Finally pack the cosmetic accessories, documents and supplies needed and place them on top of the “pyramid”.

13/ Packaging the glass items in the anti-collision pouch and put them in your luggage, which will keep them extremely safe during the bumpy ride.

14/ Do not be greedy, carry too many things that will only make your suitcase more heavy and even not sure which items have been used. Items such as your dryer will be completely served at the hotel. Diving goggles, swimwear, swimming floats … you can buy or rent at the beach so if you do not need it, you should stay home.

15/ You do not necessarily need to bring all the medicines at home on your travels. Think about what kind of medicine you usually need, what is most useful, and then carry a small amount.



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