12 romantic destinations for your honeymoon


1. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
When you choose your honeymoon in Halong Bay, you will enjoy the sight of stunning nature with blue sea, undulating rocks hidden in the vast rivers, watching the interesting caves and comfortable swimming the cool waters, clear.
Otherwise, here’s serve drinks & foods on a romantic cruise for the couple and the hotel, luxury villas, luxury seaside, suitable for ideal traveling honeymoon.

ha-long-bay-vietnam2. Bali, Indonesia
Located in the Indian Ocean, but the island of Bali is a great romantic getaway. You can walk along the beach, or go to look at the forest and wonderful rice fields.

bali-indo3. Bangkok, Thailand
You can find a perfect combination of exciting activities, unique culture and rich cuisine when traveling to Thailand. From pristine forests, to the clear blue waters, and the place “aberration”, Thailand has all that attractive to become an ideal place for honeymoon.

thailand4. Sapa, Vietnam
Sapa is the time attracted the most tourists. Sapa is in the winter, if you are lucky you will be watching the snow falling – a romantic scene is hard to find when in Vietnam.
Scenic natural daylight to evening together walking hand in hand, sat by the fire barbecue specialties Sapa hot weather between cold numbness. Surely this will be a good memory for your sweet honeymoon

sapa5. Spain, Europe
Mediterranean coast of Spain is great for newlyweds. You can travel to Barcelona to experience the culture, cuisine and relaxation. If you are looking to relax in a city is not in the Caribbean, then Barcelona is the place to stay. You can also visit the Boqueria – one of the best markets in the world, you should rent a car and drive along the Costa Brava coast and the Costa del Sol, you can also visit the architectural works of famous architect Gaudi.

6. Kenya, East Africa
In Kenya you will get experiences the exciting services in Mombasa. Or as to the capital, Nairobi, given you overwhelmed by the beauty of this African country. You can choose between relaxing on the sunny coast, camel riding, or exploring around the capital Nairobi.
7. Tahiti, France
Tahiti is known as the paradise island. If you are looking for a place to relax beside the sea and does not want to be bothered, this is the place to be suitable for you.

8. Maldives, Indian Ocean

Tourism to the island with warm weather in the Indian Ocean and you will have an unforgettable time. You can relax on the white sand beach, or swimming around in the waters of the Indian Ocean, go to the spa, or visit the island and learn the local culture.

maldives9. Greece
Visiting the city bearing the stamp of the history of Athens and walk through the ancient streets to be able to see the natural beauty of the country of Greece. If you want to search the unspoilt resort, rustic, please visit the Greek islands, where you can relax, or rent a small boat tour around the island.

greece-white10. South Africa
If you want an adventure trip and more personal, where you can look at the rare wildlife then travel to South Africa. It will give you the wonderful experience of wildlife than anywhere else on earth.
11. France
France has many places to visit, from the city of love Paris to the Alps where there are mineral springs and baths or ski activities resorts in the Mediterranean. There’s always something interesting to discover in France! You can go to the historical sights, or on a train to Nice for a few days and relax with the coast here.

france-paris12. Hawaii, US
Please make your trip truly memorable time for one of the volcanoes in the world. If you come here , do not forget to learn to surf or spend a night dancing hula and enjoy the delicious foods of Hawaii.



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